Nursing wisdom

The nurses reminded us of some things today.

First, Linda does not know if we are there.

And Linda was a very proud lady who would not want to be seen in her present condition.

And we said that when we got to this point, it would be time to stop visiting.

And when we visit, we wake her and there is pain.

And that Linda gained 13 pounds in hospice care. That must be unheard of and when hospice asked how, they were told that anything she mentioned eating showed up within 24 hours, no matter how hard to find.

And when the weekend staff asked why it sounded like there was a party going on in room 307, the weekday staff said ‘because there’s been a grand going away party happening in room 307 for the last 7 weeks.”

And that we did a good job.

We were there when we could make a difference. And now that we can’t, it’s time to leave the work to the professionals.

We’ve done the party. Now we’re standing on the dock, waiting for the ship to sail.

Bon voyage my dear friend.  May angels bless and keep you til your next mornings light.

And when you get to the other side, get a big place because we’re coming to stay with you. And we’re bringing all your stuff back to you.

We’re out of space.