Slow progress

I'm still making slow progress on hand quilting the Dresden Plate quilt. 

We laid it on the floor in the living room last night and there is surprisingly little re-quilting to do.  I really thought that, because I'd been quilting on this quilt for several years, I'd want to pull some of the early work out and replace it.  But, there's really only one bit of echo around a plate that is too narrow and needs to be replaced to look more like the rest of the blocks.  Other than that, just two more block centers like the one above to quilt. 

But, look at those tiny stitches!

I've taken a few days off work.  I needed to be away for a bit, just for some mental health days.  And, I'm spending as much as I can quilting and working in the yard.  No structure.  Just doing what I want to do. 

Today, I'm having lunch with a quilting friend.  And, I'm moving daylilies into the neighbor's flowerbed, and I need to head to the hardware store for seed starting pellets.  But, first, I'm going to be cutting 2.5" squares for the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I'm bored with the lack of variety. 

I sat on the deck with the featherweight yesterday and made 8 arcs.  That was fun.  Bonnie Hunter has a good idea sewing out on the porch.  Unfortunately, I can't get a treadle out there, but my FW and a good heavy extension cord did just fine.

We'll have to see what my lack of structure holds in store for today! 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Lane