It’s the great Pumpkin!

Hi, all.  Well, the bright orange shirt is finished and ready to wear today in celebration of Halloween.  I’m calling my costume The Great Pumpkin.


Yes, after several incredibly unflattering photos were taken of me by my daughter, I had to go to take a mirror selfie.  Criminney, do I really look that bad?

The shirt mostly fits.  You can imagine my disappointment when I put it on and the only thing…yes, the one and only thing that I didn’t muslin before cutting the shirt was the cuffs.  The sleeve length and cuff diameter are off.  The sleeves are about an inch too short and the cuff about a half inch too small.  They are exact acording to the books on how shirts should fit, but they’re just not comfortable for me.

But, I’m pretty dang happy with it.  And, since I almost never wear my sleeves down and buttoned on a long sleeve shirt, it’s going to be fine.


And, because I can take more flattering photos than my ghoul, here is a pic of her in her costume for the day.  She’s Mother Nature.


Everybody have a great Halloween.  Peppermint is good for candy overload, according to one of my co-workers.  I intend to do my dead level best to avoid all the candy I can.  But, I’ll still find some.

Hope you have lots of treats and no tricks.  Lane