Finish lines

It was another weekend of moving out of parts of our house.  The repairmen come today.  Hopefully, that part of the process will be finished.  More about that later. 

We finished the guild's raffle quilt about a month ago.  A picture went out to the membership last week, so I can finally share it.  Now that I haven't worked on it in a while, it's pretty nice.  When I was working on it all the time, I couldn't stand the sight of it.  There's nothing like a hard deadline to sour me on a project.  I need to be able to walk away, get my inspiration back, then come back to the project.  When I have a deadline, there's no walking away.

I took a month off to recharge and finished my part of the incentive quilt.  The incentive quilt goes to the person that sells the most raffle tickets.  My co-quilter has pieced a flying geese border to go around it.  I handed it off to her yesterday.  I like how the lighter gray worked in the center.  It looks like the circles are sitting on a circle. 
I'm glad this project is done.  Now, I can focus on my stuff.  And, right now, my stuff is painting the studio. 
And, a little sewing.  I've made some progress on my random stars quilt by using it as a leader/ender on the incentive quilt.  I'm going to keep making stars until I run out of fabric.  I'm making 16" blocks.  That makes it easier to decide how to fill the space than trying to plan the whole quilt at one time.  I believe that will help me be more random.  And, it lets me work in more sizes, like the 12" star in a star in a star.  I'm looking at my stash to see how much navy and tan I have that I could add. 
This is where my studio is.  One large pile of sewing machines and chairs and tables and plastic drawer stacks. 

And, this is where it came from.  Next time you see this space, it will be green.  I've measured all the furniture and am going to lay it on graph paper to try to find the optimal placement.  But for today, they're going to pull the carpet back, jackhammer a hole through the slab and level it.  So, the only things in it are the green custom sewing table that the Bernina sits on and the aquarium.  We've already taken out the step stool and the desk chair.  We are overflowing some of my antiques into Syd's old room, so I will hopefully have a good bit more space in the studio than I've had before and I will be able to lay it out the way I want it instead of the way it will fit.  For one thing, my sewing machines are going to be in the center of the room and there will be a cutting station and an ironing station. 

The front porch is also empty.  They'll be working out there as well.  But, before we moved everything, I took a picture of these begonias.  We bought the wooden hangers (which you can't really see) on vacation in Arkansas.  Rob painted the pots blue to go with the front door and he plants begonias in them every spring.  The begonias can take the heat of the west facing front of our house and they fill the pots and we don't have to spend all our time watering them.  Surprisingly enough, there are three ferns that have been next to the front door and they've taken the sun well, too.  But, they take a lot more water. 

Y'all have a wonderful Monday.  I'm giving a presentation to my peers on Wednesday.  We are rolling out a new process that I built.  It's not going to be popular.  The original design would have been easily accepted.  The two earlier modifications would have been fine.  But, by the time I made the other team happy, what we were left with is going to be a pain in the behind for my team to get used to.  But, after a while, they will.  And, I am strong.  I can take whatever they throw at me.  (I think I can, I think I can.)
Aren't I just the little specialist that could.