Searching for man sized thimbles…again

Here we go again. 

Four years ago, I went in search of a thimble that would fit.  Here’s a link to one of those posts…BTW, it’s really cool when I search for something like “man sized thimble” and google brings back a link to my blog!

I found a distributor that sold thimbles to men who play the washboard.  I bought a half dozen thimbles.  And, they’re good thimbles.  I really like them.  But, a couple have come up missing over the last four years and I like to drop a thimble into my different project bags and leave them there.  That way, I don’t have to think about whether I have one or not.  And, I still have a dream of owning a really nice silver thimble. 

So, I’m back on the hunt.  My previous distributor is still in business, but he is out of thimbles.  There was a problem with the manufacturer.  So, that sent me back on the hunt.  In a half dozen days, I have bought three.  One is the heavy silver thimble I dream of.  But, before I would spend the money, I had a couple of exchanges with the seller and she measured it, so it should fit, and if it doesn’t, she takes returns.  Can hardly go wrong there. 

The other two should be identical to the thimbles I’m using.  One is pre-owned and the other is new.  If the new one fits, they have more for sale and they’re pretty cheap, so I will likely buy several.

Oh, and if you read that post linked in, there’s a frank discussion of having to buy undergarments with Syd.  Thank goodness that’s all over.  Now, I can stroll through the men’s department and when she has found what she wants, she comes and finds me.  And, I try not to make a face.  It was kind of weird to read that because we’ve come so far and I forget about the little stuff that happened. 

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  I’m fitting pieces together on the next mini-border.  At lunch today, I’ll try to draft it out and see what I like.  Or, don’t like.