One thing and another

I know that I've been a bad blogger.  Honestly, it's not intentional.  But, so many things have changed.  And, it's taking me more time than I thought to adjust. 

If it's any compensation, I've become a much more fantastic-er husband.  Not that I was any slouch before, but our relationship lacked something that we've found in the last two months.  Something that got lost in the parenting and bill paying and drudging through workdays.  A certain excitement...that electric spark that lets you know your partner is in the room, even when you can't see them. 

Sydney is 18 now.  She doesn't need us the way she used to.  She may want that same attention, and she may go about trying to get it the same way she always has, a.k.a. not turning in her school work until it's very late.  We just aren't paying that much attention to it.  We get a notification about grades, we send it to her.  If it gets too bad, we lock her down like a maximum security prisoner.  If she don't like that, she can turn in her damn homework. 

No arguing.  Leaving Rob and I to focus on one another.  And, it's sappy gross, like an over the top hallmark movie.  And, I LOVE it!

The MIL's visit went swimmingly.  Of course.  She is the easiest houseguest ever.  The only thing we ever argue about is that she will use the same glass to drink water out of all day, emptying it, bringing it to the kitchen, and looking for it next time she is thirsty.  That ain't how water works in the south.  You keep your glass with you all the time.  So, every time she sits it down, I wash it.  "You don't have to go to all that trouble..."  So, I've made it a game.  She tries to hide it from me.  And, I try to find it. 

She was here two days after I left for Cleveland.  I think Rob was a little nervous about hosting without me.  But, they did fine.  Syd stayed on from school on Monday and they went on a driving tour around Austin.  And, Tuesday, I think they lay around and rested for her flight on Weds.  But, they had Mexican food for dinner.  She is a very adventurous eater. 

It was absolutely clear that she does not support gay marriage.  And, she managed to go all week without ever saying even one thing about it, even when Rob told her the story of our two marriages.  WE have her support.  As long as WE are happy. 

I can respect that.  We don't push our position on her.  She doesn't push her position on us.  We all politely keep our damn mouths shut because no discussion of the topic would change anyone's mind about it.  And, we get along famously.  She'd make a great diplomat. 

Work has really picked up.  This conference in Cleveland was the annual meeting for all the people at my job level.  It's always nice to catch up with people.  Familiar faces.  Dinners.  And a little of adults acting like children.  Working with my new boss is going well.  We have very compatible senses of humor.  He is incredibly busy right now, and hasn't really had much time to spend with me, and I keep assuring him, it's okay.  I'm pretty self sufficient anyway, and if I run out of work, I'll be sure to let him know. 

I ran into my previous manager in Cleveland.  She was very happy about how things worked out for me.  She believes this will be a good match for me and will provide some nice challenges.  She shared something with me that most people probably never get to hear about themselves.  She told me my reputation.  As it was passed to her, and as she passed it to my new manager. 

I can be very direct, and that intimidates some people.  But, nobody refuses to work with me, which she seemed to think was kind of remarkable.  It's just the opposite.  People ask to have me on their teams, or to do research for them. 

And, give me the most basic framework of an idea and send me off to create it.  You don't have to give me specific instructions, just answer my questions as I go.  And, what you will get back will be exactly what you wanted...or better.  I think that's the quilter in me; working from a basic idea and fleshing it out into a finished piece.

She said that was her favorite thing about working with me.

Hey, people have worse reputations, right? 

I came out to one of my friends yesterday.  Not as gay, but as a quilter.  But, I didn't call myself a quilter.  I called myself a fiber artist, specializing in quilted art.  And, I showed him pictures of my work, and ribbons.  I get a variety of responses when I talk to non-quilters about quilting and while he clearly has no appreciation for the medium, he loved the art. 

So, now I'm a fiber artist with a studio in my home.  Well ain't that la-dee-da. 

But, I'm still me.  That man quilts!

See ya!  Lane


Rob said...

"As long as the tides ebb
The earth turns the sun sets
I promise I'll always be true
And as long as there's Stars over Texas
Darling I'll hang the moon for you"

See you under the stars, husband, friend, partner!

Anonymous said...

So glad to get an update. I was wondering how you were doing and it seems like you and Rob are doing great. Thanks for sharing.

lw said...

You're not a bad blogger, you're on your honeymoon-- and though I hope it lasts forever, I hope you'll get back to blogging when you're ready.

After the orange peel quilt and 'A place for life to happen' if anyone's a fiber artist, you are.

Kath said...

Rob that's so lovely! Your happiness together is a delight.

Anonymous said...

you write so well and tell such interesting stories that I do miss your posts. But that you have a life is very understandable. I am not as busy. I am a full time caregiver and a lot of my job is being available if needed. So your blog can be very interesting to such as me. Another way that you are of value to the world. Thank you.

Eileensews said...

You have hit a great time in your life! Continue to enjoy it all.

Carla said...

Glad you finding time for each other. That's a good thing
A Fiber Artist huh? Nice.
You sound like my husband in the working world. He tells it like it is and does it right.
When I tell my husband this quilt or that quilt he goes not interested. That's fine I don't want to share my toys. LOL

Vesuviusmama said...

I love that you "came out" as a quilter/fiber artist!!