Today is going to be a variety.  It was a busy weekend. 
We went to the Georgetown Quilt show with our friend LD.  It's always so good to see her and she was in great spirits.  After the show, we took her to lunch and ran some errands and then a nice visit.  I don't think any of us were in the mood for a quilt show that day.  But, we all made the effort and it paid off.  We all ended up happy and smiling and enjoying ourselves.  Rob made a video and has posted it here.  It's a few minute long, but well worth it.  Rob always makes a good video. 
A big shout out to my friend, Mary who won first place in in the Modern Category.  I loved her use of black on black prints.  The white squares have cats embroidered in different poses in them.  And, the quilting was delicious!

Way to go, Mary!!!

I did pretty good.  I did buy a few things. I always do, but I spent less money than I thought I did and I wasn't feeling too bad about what I spent in the first place.  I bought this star.  (they threw in the beagle for free to get rid of it.  you can't see it, but she's laying lovingly at her daddy's feet as though he'd been gone a month instead of a few hours.) 


I couldn't help myself.  They had a lot of hand pieced vintage stars like this.  This one was only $10 and it looked kind of lonely and picked over.  And, you know how much I love other people's UFOs.  There is one star point where the points don't match and a little bit of repair would make this one perfectly usable.  If I decide to do that.  We'll see. 
I also finished piecing the 324 half triangle squares for the Tree Farm quilt.  As I pieced my first block, I cut pieces I was going to need, so most of the cutting is done.  Now, it's just assembly and the blocks assemble pretty quickly from these pieces and some browns for a trunk. 
I've pieced the two on the left here and the one on the right was made in class. 
Fifteen more to go.  I'm pretty sure this one is going to be a wedding gift for a wonderful young couple.  We've known him for most of his life and a tree quilt will be perfect for them. 
I forgot to post pictures of this one.  I finished it a couple weeks ago.  This is an EPP UFO that I bought in a quilt show boutique.  I had no idea where the quilter was going.  Part of it was pieced together and there was a good bit of fabric.  I finished the blocks on a lark to have a hand work project to take to a guild meeting one night.  Soon as I finished this, I moved on to an EPP hexie project.  The colors in this one make me anxious and I'm trying to decide if it's worth hand quilting.  It's all hand pieced, even the borders.  But, that doesn't mean it needs to be hand quilted.
And, finally, a couple garden pics.  My purple iris bloomed.  I was so glad to see this.  It hasn't bloomed in several years.  It really must have been the cold winter we had that is making all the garden grow and bloom. 

This is a Cinco de Mayo rose.  Look at that color. 

There's a cluster of them blooming now that I need to get a picture of.  They're red-orange with hints of purple. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen.  I'm going to visit my parents this weekend and made some casseroles to freeze and take along and a batch of cookies.  It should be a nicer visit if we're not cooking. 

But, first, there's this week and whatever adventures it brings and however many tree blocks I make and whatever respectful conversations Sydney and I have and enjoying my husband and doing my best not to be stressed at work and all the things that make up real life.  Sometimes I look at other people and wonder if they're as happy with their real lives as I am.  I hope so. 



Dot said...

So pleased you are happy with your life. It does show in your blog which is probably why it is such a pleasure to read.

You have done such a fine job, finding different and coordinating pink and blue border fabrics for the tumbling blocks quilt.

And your quilting habits are so neat. Seeing parts for a tree block stacked and arranged, ready to piece together makes me feel like the next step is very manageable. You set a fine example.

Anonymous said...

So happy you are visiting your parents this week-end. They will be so glad you are bringing cooked food. Bet your Dad will want to fry you some fish while you are there.
Can't wait to see what you do with the STAR. Cannot imagine anyone getting rid of it. Lucky you. Your niece, Abbie , wants you to make a quilt for her bed. Queen size.
Your purple iris is not as dark as mine. Maybe I'll share with you. lum

Megan said...

Love the tree blocks. Looking forward to see your progress on this project.

Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking us to the quilt show with you. Love Robs "Oh WOW!" Moments. Mary

Carla said...

Oh I love those trees. Very pretty but wow 324 half square triangles. You're good. I find myself getting bored with I'm sewing large quantities of squares, triangles whatever but I like the end result. LOL
Enjoyed Rob's video. Thanks for sharing