Now, that's started

My traveling husband has returned.  He had a very nice visit with his Mom and got home and now I'm flying off to Cleveland for a team building meeting.  I wonder if I'll feel more like a member of the team when I return.

Last week, between my chores and Rob's, I didn't get any sewing done except work on the hexie quilt in the evenings.  Sydney and I binge watched a sci-fi series in the evenings together and I sewed.  I got the whole center together and have started to baste hexies for the borders.  This was a test photo to see if I was still liking what I had designed.  I think I do. 

On Friday, before Rob got home, I went to the LQS and picked up the setting fabric for the tree quilt.  Viridian asked if I was using scraps to make these.  A lot of it came as a class kit from Edyta Sitar.  But, I needed to add some of my own fabrics to finish the treetops off.  It was a great class kit.  Almost all the fabric to make this, except for the setting fabric were included.  But, I was as random as I could be in putting them together.  It's sewn into diagonal rows, but I ran out of steam before I got all the rows sewn together.  

The rest are just garden pics.  Even when there's no time to sew, there's always time to walk around the garden.  It's at its peak now and is a riot of warm colors.  But, the heat will soon cause the garden to need to rest a bit, so I get out there and enjoy it all I can. 

But, as the seasons change, so do our activities.  Now, I'll be moving back into the cool sewing room to try to get some things accomplished. 

The neighbor asked about plants that come back year after year and make flowers the other day, so I gave her a gardening book over the fence.  Just a little something that the city gives away to help people choose drought and heat tolerant plants to conserve water.  Almost everything in my garden is included in that book.  There are a few things I grow because I grew up with them and am willing to go to extra work to keep them watered.  But most of it is native or adapted to this region.  And, because of that, it's easier to maintain.  So, a win/win.

Okay, time to go get everything ready for a trip.  My bags are packed, but I need to work for a few minutes and have some last minute organizing in my backpack.

Everybody have a great week.  It's challenging for me to participate in these meetings.  I am, to my core, a true introvert.  They make me uncomfortable and anxious, like many social situations do.  I let that get to me on Saturday.  I let it take me to a dark place where I was afraid I would be awkward; forget how to speak or something.  I was afraid and anxious and not very good company for a couple hours.  But, by Sunday morning, I had remembered the hundred times I've done this successfully, charming, calm, always in the background, shaking hands and asking people how they've been.  Making small talk, even when we have nothing in common.  Interacting successfully. 

So, here I go! 



Dot Wankat said...

It is so reassuring to read your blog. I am also a true introvert. After reading your blog for nine years, including your efforts to interact successfully (I consider you a slam/dunk success), I work at following your lead. And every time it works, I send you a mental thank you. If you feel the air sometimes vibrate unexpectedly, it's probably me being appreciative again.

Good luck with your meeting. But then you probably don't need the luck. You've got yourself.

Anonymous said...

Go charm them, Lane!

Anonymous said...

Lane! We are all behind you...supporting you...wishing you'd let your worries go. You'll be fine. Remember people love you. Remember your humor. The only dark place should be that ugly fabric that you regret buying. Mary

Anonymous said...

PS remember what you taught us, "tuck your shirt in". Mary

Megan said...

Best wishes from another introvert who used to hate hate hate corporate 'love ins'. I'd get so uptight and cranky about attending them that I'd overcompensate and talk non-stop! Hope you find it a worthwhile exercise.

Sydney, Australia

Sally Langston Warren said...

Do you just groan “oh no....” when the organizer of a meeting starts off with enthusiastically announcing their “ice breaking” activity?! I just cringe. So awkward. I had rather just get to the meeting and be done. Sometimes they are Successful ice breakers, but I sure dread them.
Go charm them, Lane!

Anonymous said...

Safe travels. thanks for sharing pics of the garden - so pretty. Tree quilt is looking good.

Rebecca Grace said...

I know those voices and those feelings well! It's so much easier to be friendly and comfortably social in these online interactions than the face-to-face, big-group-of-people-all-at-once scenarios. Especially when the group of people only has one thing barely in common, and that thing is WORK! Hope you have a great trip and get to bring some stitching along to reward yourself with at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

My phlox are not blooming yet. Yours are in full bloom. Have prettier dls that the one you shared. If you want, I'll send you some. I know you will do great at that meeting, you know what you are talking about and can express it beautifully. Love the hexie quilt. It is different from anything I've seen lately. Just now reading your blog lum