When life gets busy

Like the weather, sometimes life is sunny and easy.  And, sometimes it's thunder and busy.  It's how I react to that makes all the difference.  I'm sailing through a busy time with the same smile I wear on a sunny day.  That's relatively new to me.  And I like it. 

But, I did allow myself to bullseye focus in on just one project as my stress relief.  I worked on my newest project, my sweater. 

The pattern is called "Dad's sweater" from the book The knitting man(ual).  You'd think it would be something made for a dad...but it's not.  It's from a picture the author found of her Dad when he was young, wearing a sweater.  Anyway, I knitted the back in record time and all that time I would normally have spent fretting and worrying got poured into my stitches.  My Dad told me once that when my Grandmother was worried and couldn't sleep, she would get up and scrub the floor.  I guess this is my version of scrubbing the floor.  And, I'm good with that.  Who wants to scrub the floor?

There have been a couple days this week that I could put on my gardening shoes and wade out into the yard to see the flowers.  I believe this Iris came from my friend Lyn. 

And, these two daylilies. 

We've had so much rain.  Rain in the morning, noon and night.  In two days, we got 6" and it rained two more days after that.  I know other people got more and my heart goes out to anyone affected by flooding (my family's home flooded when I was a teenager).  But, I can't help say that I'm tired of the rain.  There has been just enough sun to encourage everything to grow, so it's like a jungle out there and I'll have to take my snips to it soon as I can walk around. 

I mentioned a job opportunity last week.  At that time, I was only talking to the people that I work for about it.  I had not talked to the people that want me to work for them yet.  I spent some time last week doing that and will do more today.  They were very excited that I was even considering it.  I'm leaning toward taking it.  They need and want someone to do exactly what I did in my current role a few years ago; modernize their process and affect the region by example.  I'm a better person now than I was when I did it the first time.  And, I could use a new challenge.  And a fresh start.  Everybody needs a fresh start once in a while. 

In the meantime, I need to cast on 135 stitches for the front of my sweater. 

Have a great week!  Next Sunday is the group sew to work on the guild's raffle quilt.  I have done all I've been asked to do...so far. 




Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, Lane -- the new job opportunity sounds so exciting for you! Just make sure it's not crazy hours to the point that it cuts into your quilting time, because your fans out here on the Internet NEED you... :-)

Your grandmother and I are cut from the same mold, then. I have only recently realized the amazing power of cleaning to deal with stress and anxiety and tremendously improve my attitude about whatever I'm freaking out about. Clutter + dust + drifting clumps of dog fur don't freak me out by themselves, but when I start to get overwhelmed by REAL problems, the messy house can push me over the edge. But the real surprise for me was how a sparkling clean bathroom or a freshly-cleaned refrigerator or whatever is not just procrastinating dealing with the real problem, but can actually make me feel more empowered and better equipped to handle the real problem.

Your flowers are lovely, especially love that peach colored Iris!

Anonymous said...

I also love the iris. For some reason, I do not have any iris in the yard. The sweater is going great, keep up the good work. Come July all of us will be begging for rain. Sending good thoughts about the job. I know you will make the right decision. lum