Spring turns a young man's thoughts to...

I'm so old I can't even remember.  I'm thinking about air conditioning and cleaning up and yard work and trying to finish a quilt for next fall.  Today, the city comes and inspects our old sieve (house) to make sure we qualify for the rebates that the city gives people that seal their old sieves up and become more energy efficient.  We need it done.  I'm glad to let the city help pay for it.  It will feel a bit like a tax refund.

When I wasn't in the yard, I was sewing points together.  Okay, so getting a little bored with that and normally, I'd set it aside for a while and work on something else until I was ready to tackle this again.  But, I'd rather take a break between piecing and quilting to give me some time to feel refreshed and look at the quilt with new ideas because I haven't come up with anything yet other than quilting all those tiny pointy shapes in the ditch.  And, this is the only thing I have to enter in the quilt show this year.  I haven't finished anything else.  Usually, I'm having to choose between several quilts to decide what to enter.  Talk about putting all my eggs in one basket...

I made an error in redrafting the pattern and messed up the corners, so while I've been piecing the last pair of border lengths, I've also been piecing new corners.  Here are a pair of that I was able to salvage by removing a couple pieces and re-creating the place they join.  If you look real close, you'll see two pieces of orange fabric next to one another.  That's the seam that joins the corner to the border length.  I just replaced one of those with a fabric that matched the other and they went together perfectly.  (why does spell check try to correct all the words I spell correctly but never the ones I misspell?)

Yesterday it rained, and since I couldn't work in the yard, I did inside projects, like clean my leather coat and  work on the antique oak office chair that I sew in.  It had a bad squeak and I was able to oil and tighten and make that go away.  And, I re-covered my small ironing board that I use a lot in paper piecing.  This is what it looked like before.  I had definitely gotten my money's worth out of the last cover. 

And, this is after. 

Much better, right?  And, one day, this cover will look just like the other one.  I use this ironing board a LOT.  It's about 18x14" and is perfect for nearly anything where I don't want to stand at the big ironing board.

And, finally, a quick pic of my leader/ender log cabin blocks, all laid out.  I just needed to see what they were going to look like and they were all sitting next to the machine, so I spread them out and enjoyed them for a couple days. 

Yes, that is a pile of scraps next to them, sorted and ready to become part of a pointy border.  The small scraps are out of control, y'all!  But that's okay.  I'm nearly done with this quilt and then I think I'm going to cut them into squares and bricks and use them in a linus quilt.  They do not need to go back into my scrap bins. 

Everybody have a great Monday and a great week!  Lane


Dot said...

The energy in your swirling fan quilt is amazing.

The interesting thing is I like the log cabin quilt just as well. I think that's because it's more at my piecing level. The fan quilt, in comparison, demands respect.

Nice quick work recovering your small ironing board. That's the kind of thing I appreciate when it's done, but dawdle about tackling.

Anonymous said...

You get use of every second! My, my that quilt is sure to win, maybe even First. You do such good work. Hurry and finish the Log Cabin. lum

Anonymous said...

The ironing pad......the product of much use. I would never show my ironing pad....it probably has pop tarts on it. Your fan is amazing. The log cabin looks great.....keep going... thanks for sharing. Mary

Rebecca Grace said...

One breathtaking show quilt is better than a half dozen ordinary quilts. I love what you’re doing, and would definitely SID those points to show off how precisely you pieced them! Log cabin blocks are looking great, too. It’s nice to have very different projects going, to keep boredom at bay!