Like most of the work week, the weekend was just random acts of entertainment, meant to keep my mind on the things I enjoy in life.  I was awake a couple hours on Friday night, worried about work, so I logged in a couple hours on Saturday to take care of said thing that was worrying me.  While I resented it at the time, when it was done I felt enough relief to make it worthwhile.  I enjoyed the rest of the weekend.  

It was cold and windy on Saturday, so we mostly stayed in.  I finished the cosmos block for the Ruby McKim Flower Garden Quilt.  I found this block to be difficult, likely because of all the sharp points, so instead of making the flowers one petal at a time, I appliquéd the petals together to make the flower, then appliquéd the flower to the background.  That worked out well for me and I can think of a couple others I wish I'd done that with.  

That's block 16.  Block 17 is the water lily.  That's the block I wanted to make the most when I saw this quilt pattern the first time on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson.  I've got it reduced and have made my template and cut all the freezer paper petal and leaf templates.  Next time I get a few minutes, I'll get those ironed to fabrics and then I'll be off to the races on this one.  The quilt I saw was on an off-white background and the white petals of the lily didn't really show up well.  On my tan backgrounds, this should really pop!  The pattern doesn't come numbered and figuring out the order to place the petals on this one was fun.  Definitely a job to be done in pencil.

I've been enjoying my handmade sweaters and pulled this one out to wear over the weekend.  I love this sweater and it fits me well.  I've been wearing the red one, too.  I can pull it on and walk outside on even the coldest of days.  (we took down the Christmas quilts over the weekend before someone could give us a February violation)

It's funny how some things stick with me from childhood.  I keep myself stocked in miniature chocolate bars.  They've been a wonderful diet tool.  When I want a snack, I can have one of these and feel satisfied.  My first memory of these mini chocolates was in my Grandmother's candy dish on her coffee table.  I don't have her candy dish, but I did find one just like it in an antique store many years ago.  I got really excited when I found it and Rob and Syd both thought I'd found something priceless for a ridiculously low price and were surprised when we got to the car and found out it was just a childhood memory.  But, I guess for me, it was priceless.  Anyway, I decided to store my bars in my candy dish to help remind me of the good stuff.  (It's a good thing this is a really big candy dish)

This week, I'm being deposed in a frivolous lawsuit against my employer.  The whole thing could have been taken care of in a two minute phone call, but the customer made that call to an attorney instead.  We pissed off the attorney by offering a low ball out of court settlement, so I'm expecting he's going to give me a hard time.  I researched the attorney's questions and spent part of last Friday taking notes, and today I'm prepping with our counsel.  I am incredibly prepared.  But, I am also anxious and will be glad when it's over.  Anyway, to deal with my anxiety yesterday, I cooked.  Three small pans of lasagna, one for this week, two for the freezer.  (this is one recipe of lasagna, divided up)

Two small pans of hand rolled beef enchiladas, one for this week.

And, a big pot of vegetable beef soup that went into the freezer.  We don't go a lot of places, but we sure do eat good.  

And, finally, I picked this up to work on.  Not because I'm loving it and can't wait to finish, but because I'm not loving it and resent it giving me the side-eye from across the room.  I wish I'd made the rows wider.  I've got a LOT of yarn ends to weave in at some point.

Everybody have a wonderful week!  Make sure to do something you love.  Send power thoughts on Wednesday!