Missing border ideas

I am convinced that someone out there has all the border ideas and is not sharing.  Okay, so just give it up and stop bogarting the border ideas. 

I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with ideas.  And, I’ve been drawing any ideas I’ve gotten.  But, nothing sticks.  This morning, I thought of an idea in the shower, and while I was focused on adding some lines around it, to fit in my 4 1/2” wide space, I lost it. 

I’ve cut some paper strips and today, I’m going to draw on them while I’m at work.  I have one workable idea and one maybe workable idea and if I don’t come up with anything else today, I’m going with one of those.  I’m just wasting time trying to decide.


The other day, when I was cleaning in the sewing room, I came up with the bright idea to pull out all my pending projects and kits and put them in an order.  First to last.  I hope a plan will keep me from picking up random projects here and there and will jumpstart some of these really great ideas that I’ve already kitted up or started. 

I’ve picked my first one.  I’ve been collecting one inch wide strips of fabric for years.  They’re the last piece after I’ve cut all the other usable fabric and they’ve built up.  Last night, I drew a paper pieced log cabin block with half inch logs. 


All I have to do is transfer this to freezer paper and I can start this long term project. 

I know me well enough to know that I need a couple of long term projects; at least one for the machine and one for hand work.  Those are fall back projects when I’m out of ideas.  Then, I can toss in a short term project sometimes, just for fun. 

I also need to quilt.  I have the tops.  I have the backs.  I have the batting.  Goodness knows I have the thread.  So, it’s time to stop piecing so much and start quilting more. 

Is August an odd time to try a resolution?  My new year’s resolution was to work on these show quilts.  As they near their completion, it’s time to think about what comes next.

Everybody have a great Wednesday. 


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viridian said...

no, Aug. is not a bad time for resolutions. I teach, and I have counted the days until school starts again and I will be very busy. That got me down into the quilt basement room fast!