knitting needles + belt buckle + shaving kit + small scissors =

Apparently knife, according to the TSA xray machine. 

I got bag searched coming out of Cleveland the other day.  It was actually funny.  Soon as they moved me to the side and ran my bag through the machine again and the lady that had seen it pointed it out to the man that was going to search my bag, I knew what I had done.  I put all those things in my bag last, and they all got shoved into the same end of the bag so that all those little bits of metal were stacked on top of one another, at approximately the same level.  Rookie traveler mistake.  Always spread things out so they can be seen clearly in the machine.

Anyway, you guys know me.  I was all smiles and politeness, carefully observing every rule of the bag search, talking comfortably to the guy, letting him know that I had nothing to hide and was not nervous about anything he would find. 

In the end, he unpacked my knitting bag, pulling out everything and laying it out for the world to see.  Oh, well.  I'm way beyond being ashamed that I knit.  And, it really didn't seem to bother him one bit.  And, as Rob said, I'm sure he's pulled some embarrassing stuff out of luggage.  And, I'm sure that must be right.  I thanked him and we wished one another a good day, and it was over with a minimum of difficulty and stress for all concerned.  In the end, he confidentially whispered to me, "I don't know what she was looking at.  There's nothing suspicious here."  Another adventure survived, lol. 

The flight home was uneventful.  That's the best kind of flying.  And, when I got home, all was as it should be and the air conditioning was working again and my family was there.  And, even though Sydney didn't even say welcome home or how was your trip when I picked her up that night, preferring instead to text and complain about having to work, all the way home, I knew it was just her being a teenage girl.  Even though it did hurt just a little bit.

I took a couple new pictures of the Dresden Plate Quilt. 

This is what the final border quilting, with the straight line background in it, looks like against the quilted sashing and blocks.  I can only say that I am excessively happy with the results.  I know it's not been very exciting for you guys because progress is so slow and I'm usually working on a half dozen projects at a time.  But, this has been so peaceful this summer.  And, I'm really enjoying it.  But, this weekend, I might need some sewing machine time.  Just me, some fabric, and an electrical machine that does the hard work.  I'd like to try quilting a Linus quilt on the singer 401, now that is' repaired and working good.  But, who knows.  That sounds awful ambitious when it's over a hundred outside.

Everybody have a great Friday and a great Weekend.  I'm off to make a buck and a quarter.  At least it seems that way on payday.



lw said...

Back a decade ago, my knitting needles, scissors and pocket knife had to get boxed up and shipped home at the airport and didn't get to come with me on my trip. I even lost my nail trimmers (confiscated.) When they stopped letting me ship stuff home, I once actually ran all the way back to my car on the C lot at LAX to leave things I thought were perfectly safe (which you can now carry) and barely made my flight.

Your Dresden plate is now one of my favorite things you've ever made-- you've really done those blocks justice, and even gone one better for them. It makes me happy to see it.

Anonymous said...

I once took some EPP on a flight. Security took out my box that it was in (scissors) and the oohed and aahed over the quilt in progress.

Kath said...

What a beautiful job you are making of the quilting.

I do empathise, before my son started driving his own car, I felt like an unpaid, unappreciated taxi service. My son never thanked me or even spoke to me a lot of the time, but he is 26 now and has more than made up for those times with the love he showers on me now.

Rebecca Grace said...

The quilting on your Dresden plate quilt is magnificent, Lane! It's just gorgeous. And why should you be ashamed that you knit, anyway? Everyone else should be ashamed that they DON'T. And that includes ME! :-)