More Hand Quilting

The needle has been flying.  Thread snips everywhere.

If you've ever hand quilted, then you know it's not like that. 

It's slow and steady and you go and go and go until you think one of your pointer fingers is going to actually fall off from being poked with the needle.  And, then, when you've worked at it for a whole day, you sit back and admire the 17 inches of progress you've made.

But, then, at some point, you realize that that 17 inches and the next 17 inches and then 17 more, and you've got a quilt that's over half quilted. 

At some point of the day yesterday, I finished the sashing in this quarter section.  These four blocks and all their sashing are completed. 

Here is a closer up of one of the blocks with the sashing.

And, today, I did the straight line background quilting in one of the border sections. 

It's some pretty intense hand quilting.  A whole lotta stitches.

And, a whole lot more to go. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


lw said...

Your quilt is starting to take on that beautiful vintage-y softness that comes from hand quilting. So pretty!

Becky said...

So beautiful!

Have a great week!
Love, Becky

Rebecca Grace said...

Your quilting is gorgeous, Lane -- worth every stitch!