August block

This weekend was a busy one.  Again.  But, the weather was cool and I got to spend some time in the garden, playing in the dirt.  You know I love that!

And, I made the August feathered star block.  It's going to be different from all the others.  But, there's nothing wrong with things being different, right?  I mean, I'm different than I was when the year began.  My family is different.  What we do is different.  So, a different block seems right in line. 

Now that I see a picture of it, I wish I'd been more careful with the plaid.  I could have ended up with a real nice dark line circle that went around the center of the block.  But, oh, well.  I don not see me taking it apart and fussy cutting those two kites and putting it back together.  At least I hope I don't do that.  But, you never know.  Rob just came in and we've decided that you can only see it in the pic, not when looking at the block, so it most likely will not get fixed.

Here they are, all together.  What variety and diversity!

This weekend, the beagle hurt herself.  She was running around the house and did something to her foot.  She yelped like Rob was hacking off a leg with a machete.  And, when I went in the room to see what was up, she ran to me and ducked her head against my side. 

I can never deny that I am the comforter of the sick.  Everybody in this house knows it.

Y'all have a great Wednesday.  I've been busy at work, pulling mountains of data... and I am tired of that.  Now it's done and I have a couple other projects that have gotten behind.  But, at work, it is always better to be busy than to be sitting there, watching the clock.

See ya'


Piece by Piece said...

Quilt is looking great. Just to let you know, I am having issues with my blog, tried everything I know to fix, however, started a new one. PO--Designs, if you still want to follow. New email davmpato@execulink.com

Have a great day.


Rebecca Grace said...

Your feathered stars are breathtaking, Lane! I'm sorry your dog is hurt. Mine will split a nail every once in awhile and their yelp of pain is like a knife in my heart. Hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt! Love you and Rob and Sydney. lum

talkingcat said...

That is a fabulous block! What is life without a little bit of wonkiness?

Elizabeth said...

Love your feathered stars. That is going to be a great quilt! I did a feathered star once. It was quite a bit bigger than your blocks, but it was fun.

I've been lurking, but not much time for making thoughtful comments, which is the kind I like to make. I enjoy hearing what you're up to, though.

We have a beagle now, too. We've had her for almost 10 weeks. She is so sweet and adorable. I'm going to have to hunt up that paper pieced beagle pattern you did a while back.

xo -E

lw said...

The gap in the black line reminds me of a Navajo wedding basket; the opening from the center that leads to the light. I'd leave it as it ties in nicely with the wedding band block.

How are you planning to quilt this one?