Dos mas

That means two more in Spanish. 

A couple weekends ago, I managed to make two more race quilts.  These are made from 2" strips.  When I sewed all the strips together, I had about 135 yards of strip.  I sewed that in half and then I pressed that seam to one side.  I cut that in 72" segments and sewed them together.  That was actually easier for me than folding it in half over and over.  I ended up with these two quilts and enough strips to add to the sides of that one that was too narrow from a couple weeks ago.  I sewed the 72" segments into pairs, then sewed those into pairs.  Having that one seam pressed down makes all the difference in assembling.  All I had to do was make sure that the seam pointed the same way every time. 

I really love this pattern.  But, as I was making it, I realized that the only way to quilt these is some kind of a vertical line, even if it's a vine and leaf that runs down it instead of all those boring straight lines.  But, the meander I'd been considering just doesn't seem right. 

I'm not using my 2.5" strips this way.  I have a different pattern planned for them.  But, I have a bin of 3" and 3.5" strips.  Not a whole lot of them.  Maybe not enough of either one to make a quilt.  But, of the both of them, maybe.  But, I'm also considering saving that to use as a multi-colored sashing in some four patch quilts. 

I also have to consider the quilting.  The last thing I need to do is make too many tops that need quilting later.  While that makes the scraps organized, it does not actually move them out of the house.  And, moving them out of the house is the goal. 

Unfortunately, making the four patch quilts means cutting scraps.  So, I'm trying to think of a realistic goal that I can set and meet to get those scraps cut into 2.5" strips and maybe 6.5" strips and squares. 

The 2.5" strips are for this pattern.  I love this pattern just as much as the other one and it's made from bricks 2.5x4.5 and 2.5x6.5.  I've made a green and off white one and this red and tan one.  I think I want the next one to be blue and orange.  The pattern is Barbed Wire from a book called Twosy-Foursy Quilts.  I think the author is Cathy Wierzbicki. 

I got back from Louisiana a couple days ago.  I went to see my Mom, who was in the hospital again.  I already planned to visit soon, but when they hospitalized her again, I stopped dilly-dallying and went for a visit.  It was a nice visit.  The driving was easy and the company was good.  And, I hope to go back for another visit soon. 

I was so proud of the people of Orlando as they dealt with the aftermath of the shooting.  I don't quite know what I feel about what happened now.  So, rather than focus on the horror of what happened, I've decided to focus on the good things I saw, like the angels and the good people that blocked those horrible westboro baptist people.  I know there's a special place reserved for them in hell where they will get to hate all they want to.  But, the love and compassion it took to show up to negate their presence was a wonderful thing! 

It left me inspired. 

Everybody have a great Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely donation quilt ideas. I agree that any sensible person needs to try to focus on all the love in the world and, hopefully, the sad people who use energy to try to promote hate towards other see sense soon.

lw said...

I think leaf and vine would be really pretty.

I'd also be tempted to cut 12 1/2 inch blocks from the assembled race fabric and turn every other one so it looked like a basket weave.

I agree about the people of Orlando. The generosity and kindness shown in the last week has been inspiring.

Becky said...

Love the barbed wire pattern. What do I have to do to be considered a charity case?! haha I AM awfully pitiful on a regular basis anymore!!!

I totally agree with the good things you mentioned that arose from the horrid tragedy in Orlando. I have never understood how that "church" feels the need to dispense such hatred. That message is not from the Jesus I love. You are correct...they have a special hell waiting for them and will join those who abuse children in any way.

I will include your mother in my prayers.
Love you bunches!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOVING your Strippy Quilts (and the plans you've made for your 2.5" strips!!) I recently made a start on a Strippy Quilt of my own. I wasn't sure how my shorter strips would work, but judging by your quilts... they will work out just fine!

sally said...

Mr. Rogers said, when faced with a tragic situation like the one in Orlando or the one at the World Trade Towers, and you are feeling overwhelmed by it all, look for the helpers. Focus on the helpers and the work they are doing. Sounds like that is exactly what you are doing. That westboro mob doesn't deserve any recognition. Love will prevail. Your quilts made from 2" strips are cool. I may try it using scrappy greens or blues. Or maybe orange/reds.

Kath said...

Yes you are right Lane, we need to focus on the love in the world. I had a lovely clip shared with me on FB when a policeman at London Pride, proposed to his boyfriend. It made me smile and made my day.

I liked your strip quilts, they reminded me of the strata you see when you split open certain types of rocks.
And I loved the barbed wire quilt before. It looks an easy pattern when you look closely.

Carla said...

Love the strip quilts. The shooting in Orlando knocked everyone off balance. Our world has gone crazy stupid.