The wrong things to say

Lately I feel like I have all the wrong things to say.  Or, maybe better said as "the stuff I can't get off my mind isn't stuff I want to write about."  Work is hard.  This political race has gotten absurd.  Am I really more interested in the series' we watch on TV than I am in anything else?  Well, yeah, kinda.  And, in the aquarium and the fact that we all added water to our tanks a couple weeks ago and all our fish got sick.  And, Sydney's dog has hurt her mouth.  And, the garden has gone nuts since we got 15 inches of rain a couple weeks ago.

Work is a little "off".  Something is going on and I don't understand it but the folks above me a nervous as cats.  And, my long experienced reaction to that is to keep my head low and DO EVERYTHING I can.  Be the guy that has the answer before anybody thinks of the question.

Today, Sydney starts college.  Her first class is early for a college student at a campus she's never been to.  I think I'm going to take her today.  Not that she deserves it.  Well, she hasn't been hideous lately.  But, I can tell this funny story.  Not long ago, she gave me feedback that I didn't say please and thank you enough when I "asked" her to do stuff.  So suddenly I'm all with the please and thanks.  Until it became natural.  The other day, she said "I need to go shopping before school starts."  Okay.  Well, since she's not asking us to take her, I asked if she knew which bus took her to Target.  I even had to be specific and point out that she hadn't asked us to be involved.  And, she still wouldn't ask.  She has a real problem with that.  So, Saturday morning, I made her ask.  I even gave her the words.  And, she had a REAL problem with it.  She can't stand to need anybody or anything that she might lose.  At first, I thought she was going to storm off and say that she didn't need to go that bad.  But, she caved and finally, in a wee small voice, she asked.  And, we went and we had a nice time. 

And, that night, we all three went to the Austin Pride parade.  It was great fun!  It was a three hour parade.  Very long.  It was so nice to see all the support we receive in Austin.  Businesses, churches, temples, city and state officeholders and agencies.  And, hundreds of thousands of attendees.  It was beautiful.  And, we got home late.  And, yesterday, Rob and I took it easy.  Because we aren't used to standing for three hours, no matter how good the view is. 

And, I've worked on this. 

That's half way!  Six...well, really seven more to go.  I've got it down to about 2.5 hours of work to make one.  I think I'll post a short tutorial one day.  Just for the grins.  It's not like there are a lot of preprinted Dresden plate quilts out there like this one.  But, I guess somebody might be interested in how I'm remaking this.  The fun part is that it's been ironed and who knows what else, and no two applique pieces are just alike and the print on the backgrounds is off, some fans are much longer or wider than others.  But, I just keep plugging away at it and adjusting and fiddling.  And, I'm completely remarking the centers so they'll be in the actual center of the plate. 

The original piecer seems to have taken the same trial and error approach to finding the best method to assemble these.  In one block, she glued the center to the background.  I'm not sure what kind of glue she used yet.  But, it left a permanent mark.  I tried soaking it out.  But, it didn't work. 

Good news is there are 13 blocks here, and I already planned to put the worst one on the back as sort of a label.  There's one with a pinhole in the background fabric, so it was planned for the back.  I'll replace the good center of that one with this center.  But, I sure hope there are no more glued pieces or bad spots. 

Okay, so that's my Monday morning.  I guess I did have stuff I wanted to talk about after all.  Maybe I'll make notes in my phone of some of those witty things I think of to blog about during the day.  I  often think of something and then think that I'd like to blog about whatever it is.  Then, that thought is gone and I'm left staring at the keyboard, wondering why I thought I was witty.

Y'all have a great week!  Lane


Becky said...

Hope your week is stress free and everything calms down at work!

Love you!

lw said...

I hate when it gets like that at work. Your approach is the right one; even if everything folds, all of your coworkers will recommend you and you can find a new job through your contacts.

Likewise, your direct approach with Sydney is working and will continue to work. Everyone has a past to overcome, and directness plus kindness is a great way to go about anything.

This may be the first election where I don't vote for a presidential candidate, though I'll go and vote for everything else. Unless Evan McMullin gets himself on the ballot.

You could try soaking the glued cloth in Goof Off. If it's 100% cotton, you could also try acetone, but I'm not sure the dye would survive acetone, where Goof Off should remove the adhesive without removing the dye.

lw said...

I meant to say I'll vote for Evan McMullin, but I probably wouldn't vote for anyone else running.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Sending you quilty hugs and hope that things get better at the office (and with your new college student.) I took DS2 a week to realize that the buses on campus are FREE!!! LOL (At least I can be thankful that he found his way to classes before they began.)