Harken back to a happier time...

Yesterday, I was deleting emails at work and stumbled up on an email where I forwarded this post from the day we married. 

A year from now, under the new administration, we might not still be able to call ourselves married.  But, we had THIS day and we have THIS license and we have THIS memory.  And, nobody will ever be able to take that away. 

THIS love trumps all hate. 

We will hunker down and wait for happier times.  Times when people care about one another again, because eventually, love and compassion always win.

Now that the election is over, I'm looking for something to replace the news I was obsessing over (yes, I do plan to stick my head in the sand and pretend it's not happening, alright?  so don't mess with that or you might get bit).  I'm looking for blogs.  If you write a blog and you're not sure if I follow it, please let me know what it is.  And, if you have a favorite blog, let me know what that is, too.  Short of a recommendation, I'm searching out blogs that have less than a thousand followers and where they're not trying to "sell" me something.  I want to read what real people have to say about their real lives.  And, while I'm most interested in quilting blogs, I'm also interested in reading about people that can find the funny side of life and tell about it.  Uplifting and encouraging people who have a story to tell.

In the meantime, I got all the edge stitching finished (for the second time) on the little snowman quilt. 

When I did it the first time, I apparently threaded the machine with new colors of thread but forgot to lift the presser foot and engage the tension around that thread, so I had bumps all along the back and when I pulled the paper that I had used as a backing, those turned into little loops that had to be picked out, then another paper back pinned on and then stitched again.  Total PITA, but so worth it.  This weekend, I plan to pin baste this quilt and the vintage Dresden Plate I finished not long ago. 

And, then I plan to sit for a long spell of very relaxing quilting. 

God knows I deserve it.

Everybody have a great Friday and a great weekend.  And, please share blog names!  Lane


Tanit-Isis said...

I'm so sorry, and I don't blame you one bit for "sticking your head in the sand." It's Remembrance Day up here in Canada and I confess the American election results have me feeling like "lest we forget," has changed to "bring on the nukes!" And it's terrifying. But life still goes on---we have company from out of town, it's my sister-in-law's birthday, and, well, life.

I doubt you'd be too interested in my blog as I'm almost exclusively a garment sewist (though I'm planning to tackle my first quilt soon) but I just wanted to say that I love yours, for the glimpse you allow us into your life as much as the wonderful things you make.

My name is Riet said...

Hi Lane.
Maybe you remember me, i have been following you for years.I have a quiltblog for some time now and maybe you would like to come and see. It is in Dutch but there is a translater . If I get more English speaking followers I will post in English. I don't post all the time But when I have something to show.
I knew you already when you two got your beautiful daughter and when I see a photo of her on your blog I just think how time flies. I am not always a big commenter but I do read all your posts.
Riet in Holland.

P. said...

I remember reading about the day you got married and loved it and other posts you wrote on the subject. You're in good company with the head in the sand approach. I've not watched any news whatsoever since Wednesday morning (and that was limited to visiting YouTube for a brief but etched in memory moment to see who won...followed by shock, disbelief, and all the ensuing stages of grief). Haven't gone on Facebook for over a week and don't plan to anytime soon. It's not that I don't want to know (okay, there is that), but as an introvert, I need down time to process in my own head space. All the chatter and distraction just feeds the angst. I suspect you can relate.

Well, I haven't blogged as regularly of late, but I'm still popping in every couple weeks with something fabric related and otherwise, when I'm of a mood to write in a more entertaining manner. Admittedly, that hasn't been all often lately, but the muse will return again, no doubt. Anyway, feel free to stop by, whether you feel inclined to comment or not.

My name is Riet said...


Hi Lane. I forgot to give the link to my blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Lane haven't blogged in a while but you've just given me the nudge I need to re start if you want to find my blog it's patchworkgreyhound.blogspot.co.uk, so if you want to follow a grey haired crazy granny with a DH and 2 greyhounds one lurcher and one English bull terrier please be my guest.

Nancy said...

I don't quilt (I'm a garment sewer) but I am in awe of the quilts you make. Your lovely and heartfelt posts from the day you got married made me cry and I just wanted to let you know that.

Sally Langston Warren said...

I finally started my blog this year. It is pondhollowquilts.blogspot.com I haven't posted recently because I can't figure out how to get my photos on, I did it a few times, but seems as if they have changed something.....I Need to spend some time and figure out if they changed something (about the posting picture process) or if I am getting old and forgetful. I would be so happy to have you visit my blog! No ads attached!

jane said...

I don't quilt either, but I enjoy your art and talent. I so enjoyed seeing the country approve same sex marriage. It was more joyful than my own wedding day. All the love and happiness of the people standing in line for licenses or marriage ceremonies was so inspiring. I don't think they can take it away in states where it was voted in and if they do in other areas, get it on the ballot.. People will come out in droves to vote for marriage for all. At least that is what I believe.

Unknown said...

Hi Lane, I enjoy reading your blog and adventures with Sydney. I have 3 teen daughters and it's wonderful and hard! I love quilting and I'm lucky enough to sometimes get published but mostly I like connecting with other quilters. I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hello, Just happened upon your blog and read your latest posts. Interesting stuff. You sound like my kind of quilter; I love it but I do silly things that slow me down. I write 3 times a week on my blog and share my doings...what I'm eating, stitching, reading, thinking about...I love sharing what I find around the net too. Anyway, do drop by. I'm Canadian Needle Nana, that would be
Happy Stitching!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Hi Lane, I've read your blog for some time and enjoy reading it. One of your favorite posts was in January when you shared videos of your Christmas decorations, it made me so nostalgic! Feel free to visit my blog; you'll also see links to other blogs in my side panel.

lkhomework said...

Your blog is one of the first I look for and read on my blog feed. I'm always entertained, and often centered or uplifted by your art, your relationships, and your thoughts. Another blog I love for the same reasons is Cindy Wiens' Live a Colorful Life, do you read it already? liveacolorfullife.net

BarbaraShowell said...

Dear Lane, I've enjoyed your blog for some time now, courtesy Peter and his malepatternboldness blog (if he ever gets bitten by the quilt bug, imagine!).

This certainly is a week of apprehension for this country, and because of us, the world. I keep vacillating between grief/fear/denial/anger. I've noticed the blogosphere seems a little quieter. I'll be glad to try out the suggestions offered here in your comments and leave a couple for you.

My own is sparsely written (approx once monthly) as I am a DABBLER in sewing and needle arts, with limited time and motivation. I like to study the hell out of it though, and buy a bunch of stuff. I am aware the name could win one of those worst of contests: http://creativespurtsandtrickles.blogspot.com/

One I enjoy is http://sewingontheedge.blogspot.com/ by a very funny and down to earth Canadian woman. She does mostly garment sewing and likes to teach. Some of her most entertaining posts are her "flypaper thoughts" where she goes all free form and lets out stuff all humans relate to.

I don't think it will get so bad as to undo your marriage, I certainly hope not. It's possible we will all have to fight harder to protect our freedoms and rights, and that stinks. I liked taking what I perceived as being american for granted, even though I wasn't ever 100% satisfied. The only politics I ever bothered with was voting every 4 years or so. It might not be enough now.

PugMom said...

Hi Lane
I've been a follower for several years and I'd be thrilled if you liked my little blog. Definitely way less than 1,000 followers and I don't sell anything. Here is the link: http://pugmomquilts.blogspot.com/

Just a regular person, with three pugs and too much fabric!
Pugs and kisses,

Barb H said...

Hi, Lane. Long time follower and occasional commenter. I blog at http://thanxsandy.blogspot.com/ and I've found that posting everyday--or almost daily--forces me to think of the positive things happening in my life and not just the down side. One blog that I really enjoy is Barbara Stanboro at the Three Cats Ranch (https://catpatches.blogspot.com/). I find her writing style very amusing and you might too.

Katie said...

I have a blog: thoughtsfromthestitchyside.blogspot.com.

Margie said...

The Yarn Harlot is one of my favorite blogs. She has a lot of followers so doesn't qualify for small. She is funny and kind and loves her family and mankind. Only "sells" about her knitting business but not in-your-face. Canadian and was distraught about our election.