Well that's not like me. Not like me at all...

While Rob's Mom has been here, I've had down time to sew.  One of my favorite things about her visits is that we do things, but then there's time to rest.  And, for me, resting is sewing. 

I worked on Thursday and half a day Friday, but Rob and his Mom took it easy so she could relax after her trip.  Saturday, we went shopping.  We went places either she doesn't have access to, or her other kids don't take her.  We have a box started of things she picked up...food mostly.  Little things that she can make, but can't pick up in her local grocery store.  She's a very adventurous eater.  Then yesterday, we went to our friend LD's and took lunch for everybody.  Today, I'm not sure what we will do.  And, if they're not up to doing anything, I'll sew!  I'm easily entertained.

I had a project that I put together about 5 years ago.  I picked up all the fabric and the pattern.  The design was ready.  All I had to do was take the rotary cutter to it.  I thought it was going to be very complicated.  But, it really wasn't.  I had it cut and the rows assembled in an afternoon.  Then, it took a couple hours to put the rows together and then another couple to add the borders. 

It's very modern for me.  Just three colors, black, white and one shade of green. 

The pattern is Josephine's Knot.  Except I decided I didn't want the lap size or the twin, so I decided I'd make the twin, but 75% the size.  And, somehow, I got really close, but the quilt looks "stretched.  It came out about 8" longer and 4" narrower than I expected and I don't know if that's my inability to do math or what.  But, I love it.  It came out exactly like I thought it would when I picked the fabrics. 

I also got this little quilt together. 

Considering the mish-mash I was working with, I'm astounded at how well it came out.  It will make someone a very cute baby quilt...and it will hide all little baby errors.

If we all pretend together, we can imagine that I was making a Kaffe Fassett quilt.  Only we will know the truth.

Sydney looked wonderful in her new shirt.  She wore it yesterday.  Fits perfect.  And, she likes it and that's the most important part. 

How's that for a candid shot.  Toss that hair!

Everybody have a great Monday!  We will see what I will get up to.  First, I need to get some Butter Chicken in the crock pot. 



PattiLynn said...

Sydney has the model hair flip down! The shirt looks great!

Your color choices look better than the Josephine's Knot pattern!!

Tammy said...

my goodness your Sydney grows more beautiful every day. Love the hair toss. Your quilts are amazing. I hope you are having a good week. Hugs.