Bit of this, bit of that

How about a few Christmas decorations to start us off? 

The tree with our ornament collection.  Ornaments from my childhood, and from friends, and that we've collected as a family. 

Rob stumbled up on this quilt kit in a shop in Branson, MO.  Fell in love with it, and before you knew it, it was done. 

The mantle with the Santa collection.  And, the gaudiest wreath in the world.  My own creation.  
The hearth with the newest Cmas quilt hanging.  The stocking is one my Mom crocheted when I was a kid. 
One of Rob's village displays.  Just one of many that I'll share.  The people get moved around and there's always a bit of story going on in the towns.  

We love to decorate for the holidays.  We really do it right.  This is about half of the pics I have to show, but I need to save something for later. 

It's been cold here, and Saturday I gave myself the gift of letting me start something new.  I want to make a Broken Star quilt.  But, in miniature.  These pieces are cut from 1 1/4" strips, so the diamonds finish at 3/4" side to side.  The whole star should be about 21" from point to point.  This is the first 8 sections.  To make a broken star, I'll need a total of 32. 

Of course, it didn't want to go together so I had to do a little "forcing".  I drew out the shapes, pinned the pieces to the shapes, and then wet them and let them dry.  That made them much better. 

And, I cooked. 

Which resulted in dish mountain. 

But, don't feel too sorry for me because I got all my dinners cooked for the week, plus over 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies.  I'd like to say I grew the bananas and baked all the bread.  But, I didn't.  Just a stew, a scout dinner casserole (scout dinners cooked in a casserole dish instead of wrapped in foil), and a chicken pie.  And, a quart of really good chicken broth as a bonus.

And, it didn't take too long to get everything cleaned up. 

And, another weekend was over. 

Hope you all had a great weekend.  It's cold here, so I can only imagine how it is for some of our friends to the north.  Stay warm.  Rob's cat, Sugarfoot definitely had the right idea!

Have a great Monday.  Lane


regan said...

Dang! Once again, I feel like such a slacker after reading your weekend accomplishments! Sheesh! I need to get busy! lol Beautiful Christmas decorations.....thanks for sharing the pics!

Rebecca Grace said...

Lane, your broken star is going to be awesome! I love your thinking about that, too; that allowing yourself to start something new is a gift for yourself. You deserve it! Enjoy this last bit of Advent with your villages, cooking, and decorating. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Mary said...

Lovely decorations, you do a wonderful job and have such beautiful items. I like doing a whole bunch of stuff in the kitchen at once also, plus better to be messy once and clean it up, rather than drag it out over several days.