Just one more project syndrome

Are you like me, suffering from just one more project syndrome?

You will know if you are because you're jonesing for a project right about now.  Or, you're hurriedly trying to finish one up.  An unexpected one that you just decided at the last minute that you could squeeze in before the fat man wedges himself down the chimney.  More about mine later.  First, the last of the holiday decorations. 

If you've followed for a while, then you recognize the swag that runs across the living room ceiling. 

This year, we got smart.  Instead of hanging the swag and me spending three hours on top of the ladder decorating it, we decorated it on the ground and used a system of pulleys to raise it to the ceiling.  It was so much easier; it was crazy that we'd never done it before. 

That's how we're taking it down, too.

And more of Rob's villages. 

And, the important village.

So, sitting in all that and watching the endless stream of Christmas movies, most of which make me "cry for happy", it's nearly impossible not to have the Christmas spirit. 

And, in that spirit, I put done to two last minute projects. 

I finished Rob's shirt yesterday, but that wasn't really my "finished it at the last minute" project. 

This was my last minute project.  Several years ago, we were in an antique and craft mall and there was an elderly lady selling quilts.  I was kind of a new quilter and decided I wanted to support her.  So, I sent Rob and Syd back to get me one of her quilts.  And, this table runner was the best of what was left.  And, it was kind of expensive but they got it for me anyway.  And, we put it out sometimes, but really, it's just never fit in with the rest of the house. 
So, this year, I decided to take it apart and re-make it.  This is it, after I took the one inch wide green binding off of it. 
This was the back.  The prettiest fabric was definitely where you wouldn't see it. 

I wanted to focus that cute fabric, but the only way I could was to do some piecing.  I added the turquoise and the red and used about half the tree fabric.  But, it doesn't really match the tablecloth and dishes.  
This side best matches my table cloth, without that white striped inner border.  I even got to use the original binding, which was a strange shade when it was an inch wide on both sides, but it was much cuter when I cut it in half used it as a double fold.  

I also made 12 more diamond shapes for the broken star quilt.  That gives me 20...just 12 more to make.  Sometime.  But, I'm going to try to stay out of the sewing studio for the holidays and enjoy the family.  But, I reserve the right to hide from all this Christmas spirit at any time and make something.

Everybody have a Great Holiday, whatever holiday you're celebrating. 

May it be peaceful and may all your arguments get resolved over a good glass of eggnog...unless your argument is about how to make eggnog.  Then, make peace over a piece of fruitcake.  Because fruitcake is so dense, you won't really be able to argue with a mouth full of it. 

Make Joy! 



The Joyful Quilter said...

Wonderful makeover on that table runner!! Enjoy it this year and for Christmases to come!

My name is Riet said...

Wha a great job you did with the table runner. I love it.
Wishing you and yours a verry merry Christmas.

Mari said...

Beautiful pictures. (And I know the "just one more project" thing well.) Hope Rob enjoys his shirt and you all have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!

Becky said...

Ingenious way to hang the garland!!! Love the house tour!

Merry Christmas and lots of love,

P. said...

I had a wave of just one more project syndrome today, but thankfully it passed. Decided I was done and enjoyed a day of not-sewing. There was baking and cooking for tomorrow, though. And then a couple episodes of The Crown on Netflix as my reward. Love the table runner redo. Merry Christmas!

Daryl said...

Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!