The latest in Lane's fashion

I have finished shirt number four. 

I really fought with the sleeve plackets on this one.  They took nearly as long as the shirt.  But, it wasn't just putting them in, I learned a new way and spent time correcting problems as I learned.  But, it's a much easier way than the traditional placket, so well worth it in the end. 

From the front.

and from the back

The new sleeve placket is made from a long strip of fabric that is folded to look like a traditional placket.  I like it because it's narrower than the pattern I've been using.  Anyway, you cut the sleeve first and I cut near the front edge, not the back.  And, I didn't have a large enough piece of fabric to cut another.  So, I cut 8" off the bottom of the sleeve and put a new piece in and proceeded as normal, taking care to keep that serged edge folded the right way. 

I matched the stripe, so from the outside, you can't even tell.

Then, when I was folding the plackets, I folded them in the wrong direction and caused the cuffs to button the wrong way.  I didn't know it til I tried to button them the first time.  I tried to live with it.  But, I couldn't.  I tried repairing it, but the button holes were already in. 

So, I took both cuffs off, added these little reinforcements to cover the buttonhole in the placket, sewed a button over it and made a new buttonhole on the other side, and then I sewed the cuffs back onto the sleeve they didn't come off of...and it all worked. 

I'm passing it off as a style detail.  A reinforcement for that tiny button. 

And, if you love me, you'll back me up. 

Guess what I pulled out the other day.

My 50 year jubilee quilt!  The quilt was originally designed to be 36 blocks.  I got this far and lost focus.  I decided to make four more blocks and then decide if I still want 36, or if 30 is enough.  I made copies of the paper patterns and pulled fabrics the other day.  Now, I just need to sit and sew another block up. 

And, finally, I replaced the pics from yesterday.  It frustrates me that I can't crop a pic and post it to my blog.  But, every time I try, I can see the pic in edit mode, but you can't see it when you view.  So, I've added those pics back in and linked the post here.  Hopefully, it will work. 

Everybody have a great Wednesday! 



Becky said...

I was just wondering about your Jubilee quilt the other day. Hmmmm.....great minds think alike I've heard! hahaha

Love the shirt. I like checked shirts! I swear, you have the patience of Job. I wish I had enough to pick out all the work you do to get things right. I admire you for that....don't get me wrong....but my mind starts spinning just thinking about doing it!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your sleeve story makes me feel a lot better about my sleeve placket issues. Wrong side to right side, (or is it wrong to wrong, right to right?) left sleeve, right sleeve, back of, front of - I even made myself some tutorial pieces that I keep with my favorite pattern. I can stitch them nicely but the placement nearly un-does me every time. I am inspired and encouraged to keep fixing the mistakes. Thanks.

Donna T said...

The shirt looks wonderful Lane! You are a brave man working with plaid! Love your jubilee quilt! Bright and happy!!!

Vicki said...

LOVE LANE'S SHIRT!!! Great color...and taking on plaid at that! You certainly figured out a way to "fix" the problem. Very creative! I enjoy reading your blog. Always SO interesting.

Anonymous said...

Your shirt looks great. I've never been brave enough to tackle shirts, so I give you credit for making 4. Mary

Dot Wankat said...

Your jubilee quilt blocks are amazing - beautiful piecing and striking color choices.

When I grow up (and I'm older than you, by the way), I want to be much like yourself.