Neve enough time

I was vey glad to see that Moonlight won best picture last night.  Great movie.  There were a lot of uncomfortable situations in it  But, as a story of a boy growing up in a situation different than most of us know, it's a wonderful telling.  We enjoyed it...twice!

We also had lunch with our friend, LD.  She was in good spirits and we took her out for some healing Chicken and Dumplings and laughter and a quick trip to the library.  The drive was nice but for a Saturday, traffic was heavy. 

And, I got some time to work in the yard.  Spring surprised me this year and I am not prepared.  Everything is leafing out and I'm moving things out of the greenhouse; not enough that I couldn't put it all back if we had a sudden freeze. and gave everything a good water.  Seems like most everything made it through another winter.

It was tax weekend.  Uggggghhhhhhhhh.  I filed mine to see if I could claim Syd, and when I found out I couldn't, she filed hers...for the first time.  She thought it was a bother and that it took too long (maybe 45 minutes, including her needing to read all the help screens and me answering questions).  There was some unequal distribution of refund there.  And, she was not in favor of my plans to correct that.  (but we gonna do it anyway)

And, you know I spent time sewing. 

I am trying to work on this quilt every day.  Even if it is just a little.  There's really not that much to do.  Mostly just a really long feather in the outer border.  It's starting to get the dimension I was looking for.  I'm trying to get rid of three puckers in the back in long straight ditch quilting before I can move to that border and I'm struggling with it.  I got discouraged yesterday afternoon and walked away for some therapeutic knitting.  Once a pucker forms, it's a booger to get rid of.  It's like the fabric remembers and keeps folding in that spot.

And, I made the Poinsettia block from the Have a Jolly Little Christmas BOM.  Actually, it's a block every other week so the quilt could be finished by the holidays.  Another fun little block!  I love her method.  And, I'm saving my bonus triangles to make HSTs.   

I've been collecting HST blocks in a tin.  All kinds of them  All sizes  One day...they'll be a quilt.  And, they make great leaders and enders. 

Well, if I stop now, I have a few minutes to work on those puckers.  Everybody have a great week.  If the last month has taught us nothing else, it has taught us that it will not be boring.  I'm taking a very limited approach to watching the news 

See ya!  Lane



I am with you on the news--I just read headlines in a couple online papers--but some days anymore I don't even want to do that!!!
your quilt is looking mighty fine--and as I only hand quilt--I know what you mean about the puckers--it's like they demand to be part of the quilt!!
enjoy the moments, di

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow!! What a milestone with Sydney filing her own taxes. Scary!!

Dot Wankat said...

Your brown quilt still surprises me. It is stunning. That single center square of gingham, cut on the bias, is just right.

It's too bad you daughter is much younger than my children. You are also a fine parent. Reading your blog then would have been so calming and reassuring. (I don't believe I was reading anyone's blog then.)