Coming to a garden near you...

It's spring. 

Remember that first spring weekend when you go out and do too much and regret it the next day?

Today is my regret day.

But, we really got a lot done and the yard looks GREAT!  We were cleaning out leaves from moldy places, so we are both dealing with allergies today. 

Columbine in bloom. 

Mock Orange just starting to bloom. 

Everything is greening up and growing like weeds.  I can hardly wait til Daylily season. 

This is the intensive care section; a place for plants I've dug up and divided to rest for a while before they find new homes. 

I worked until I could hardly move, but that didn't stop me from quilting.  Of course, all this spring outside has made it hard to work on a black and brown quilt.  I want that bright spring colored Broken Star quilt.  But, this quilt has a deadline.  It has to be washed, blocked and ready to drop off at the quilt show on 03/30.  I can make it, I can make it, I can make it...

I'm just down to the background filler now, and I'm done with all of that except the center block. 

This is what the feathers in the border look like after I put the background quilting in it (for the second time).

I originally did tiny echo work around the feathers and I hated it.  It distorted the print, in that it became a second print laid on the original print of the fabric.  I didn't want that, so Saturday, I started pulling it out.  When Rob caught me pulling thread, he said he wasn't surprised.  Last weekend, I was forcing my quilting (stress quilting); quilting to get something done, whether it was the right something or not.  And, he wasn't surprised that I wanted to replace it.  And, I did. 

What I put in is random.  It's not even micro stippling because I didn't worry about crossing over my lines.  I just filled.  And, it came out exactly like I'd envisioned it.  And it was much faster than that echo work. 

Well, it's Monday again.  yippee.  But, it's only a two day work week for me, and then I'm home to finish the quilts for the show.  All three of them need some level of work before they're "finished".  Maybe it's just another wash and block and a label.  Or maybe it's some final quilting.  But, with those extra days, I shouldn't have any trouble getting finished.  Fingers crossed. 

Everybody have a great week!!  Lane

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Laurel said...

I can't wait to hear how your quilts perform! I thoroughly enjoy your posts and processes. :)