Just another manic Monday

I needed a kind of quiet weekend.  While my cold hasn't been able to gain a foothold, we are still doing battle.  And, fortunately, I had several sit on the floor and don't move around a lot projects.  Cleaning and straightening; sorting; putting away the ten thousand things I pull out between putting away days.  And, it was rainy outside, so a good weekend for that kind of projects. 

And, I spent a good bit of time quilting.  There were a couple false starts to the continuous line of feathers in the second border.  Creating a curvy line where the feathers vary in size and aren't exactly reflected on the other side of the spine is hard.  There's a proportion there that has to be respected and I'm just learning about it. 

I have this many borders done.  Except that darker green stripey fabric.  Not sure what to do with that border yet.  Maybe the same thing I did with the dotted fabric. 

Creativity, speak to me!  Speak to me soon!  And, don't make me buy another spool of that expensive silk thread, please.

On Saturday, Rob put in our new microwave.  Our old microwave was old...very old.  When we re-did the kitchen, we researched and bought good appliances.  And, they've lasted well for many years.  We've had the micro repaired once.  But, this time, it was slow degradation, then death. 

And, leftovers wept. 

We bought the exact same micro this time as last time.  Except the last one was off-white, and this time, I'm replacing the appliances with stainless.  The next one to watch is the dishwasher.  It has some issues with the racks and replacement racks are soooo expensive.  And, last night, as if on cue, Rob and Syd couldn't get it to start.  We finally did, which was good because it was full and I would have hated to add that to the pile I created that I had to hand wash yesterday afternoon (I'd had a baking binge).  But, now we're on the watch to see what happens next with it. 

I'm still feeling pretty high from last week.  My boss's reaction wasn't really what I expected.  Or maybe it was.  He didn't seem to share my excitement.  He's always just a step off of where I am...and where I need him to be.  But, we're forging through.  Making the best of a very bad situation that we both inherited and disagree about how to resolve.  Finding one another's strengths and respecting them.  And, we're starting to laugh sometimes.  That's new.  That's improvement. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  I hope it leads to a wonderful week!  I'm going to go see if that silk thread has gotten more expensive. 



Anonymous said...

WOW! That's a doozie of a cold you have, hanging on this long. Rob? Rob? Take care of "That Man...that quilts". Mary

Anonymous said...

Your feathers look gorgeous! What about quilting parallel lines to accentuate the stripes?