More garden and sewing

It was another great weekend to work in the yard.  Well, at least until about noon.  Then, it was just hot.  Here is about a 3 minute walkthrough. 


We went to the garden center on Friday for potting plants.  Those annual bursts of color that fill in the bare spots in the garden, and brighten up the front of the house.  We trimmed trees on Sunday.  Our neighbor called me from the other side of the fence to tell me to cut my tree, because it drops leaves on her picnic table (once a year) and is pushing against her fence.  Believe me, we don't let anything touch that precious fence.  Her daughter has been staying there taking care of her and when the neighbor went inside, the daughter called me over to tell me not to pay any attention to her.  But, I know better than to do that.  If I do that, she'll be ringing the doorbell.  And, mad.  So, I cut off the part that hung in her yard.  That was not what she wanted.  And, I got to listen to them discuss it.  But, I did not come back to the fence for further discussion.  I wasn't taking down my little redbud tree that grew from seed. 

It's been a strange few days for interacting with people.  They're being especially difficult.  It's a good thing I have my garden to retreat to. 

This is about 2 minutes of the birds waking up. 


Since Friday, I've continued to add texture to the green quilt, but nothing to show off yet.  And, I've continued to make Sue and Bill blocks.  I sat down Saturday and made up the last kits to get 16 blocks.  I added fabric from stash to replace pieces from the original set that I'm not using.  There were a lot of whites and I'm using a white background, so I discarded them.  I started with 9 Sue and 5 Bill and I discarded one of each that was a white print with little red and green sprigs on it.  Too close to white to go on a white background.  And, I discarded some other pieces and mixed them around.  And, replaced pieces from vintage and new fabrics in my stash. 

Here are the first six.  I started one that I don't like and am going to "re-make".  It's too dark.  For children's blocks, I think they're kind of grown up fabric choices, which I think is perfect.  It's a grown-ups version of a child's quilt. 

Everybody have a great Monday!  It's the start of a new week.  Literally, anything great could happen.  I've just got to be watching for it.  Watching for the great, and trying not to pay attention to the nightmare. 



Dot Wankat said...

It's remembering to watch for the great that's tricky. Nice reminder.

Be the way, that pebbling in your green quilt knocked my socks off. The feathers are lovely and the third, nameless to me, quilting is beautiful, but those tiny, round pebbles are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Nice video...thanks for sharing. Sue and Sam are "sew" cute.Hope you have a great week. Mary

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Lovely blocks and good luck with the neighbour.