A new day every day

Not much happened this week.  I worked way too hard.  I had a full week planned anyway, then I needed to spend an unexpected 10 hours on a project.  But, I'm not as far behind as I thought I'd be going into today.  We'll see how today goes. 

Next week, I'll be in Cleveland for a training class.  I was talking to a friend yesterday who suggested I should have spent more time using the software before I went for training...uhm, what?  How could I use it before I learn to use it?  Fortunately, I have that experience.  Someone tried to teach me several years ago, so I've been exposed to it before.  And, I've been doing things to prepare for the class that I knew would help.  So, at this point, I am as prepared as I can be and I'm not going to worry about it.  worry about it.  worry about it.  But, I did let it shake my confidence for about 15 minutes, then reminded myself that I do not have to come home next week knowing how to do this.  Next week, I start learning how to do this.  The knowing will come later. 

My greatest fear is that I'm so out of practice learning in a classroom environment that I won't be able to keep up with the pace.  I'll almost certainly be twice the age of everybody else taking the class. 

I got started quilting the leaf quilt this week.  I'm about 20% done. 

It's not perfect.  But, it's looking really good.  One thing I figured out is to start making my curves smaller.  The really big curves mean I have to stop and move my hands and that makes smooth curves very difficult.  I won't be making any progress next week, but I might get a few minutes in this weekend.  I also have to cut some hexies to take to baste. 

I drove behind a jeep yesterday.  And, I saw the cover on the spare tire.  Just looked like any other cover.  Then, we took the exit and I got closer.  It's a doily, y'all.


Okay, that takes crochet to a whole 'nother level. 

Sydney is ending another successful semester.  She is a few credits short of her associates degree.  Sometimes, it's not how fast you do it, it's how well you do it.  Her adviser suggested some degrees that she could take all the classes at the community college (for cheap), then take a semester at a four year university and graduate with a second degree from there.  I think she's going to do that.  Next week, she starts her promotion to department coordinator at the store and will be working full time for the summer.  I think she's going to manage the furniture and rug department because she's strong enough to move the stuff around.  In the fall, she'll have to decide whether she can continue to work full time and take a full class load, but she is clear that the full class load is required to live here.  Rob is replacing her phone this weekend as a reward for another successful year.  Rewards are important!  So, a big shout out to the girl!!

If I walk away from the computer now, I can quilt for a half hour. 

See ya!



Dot Wankat said...

Hats off to Sydney. It is such a pleasure to see your child doing well in the world. And for your readers, learning about her successes is such a pleasure.

Your swirling quilting on the leaf quilt makes it even more appealing - falling leaves lightly tossed in crisp fall breezes. Have to be honest, I like that quilt so much more than I expected.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Cleveland....you'll be fine. If in a panic just yell " Khloe Kardashian". Everyone will be distracted since she lives there now and is always in the news. Love your curves. Ok...I didn't mean it that way! Have a great weekend. Mary

bets said...

Your quilting looks very nice-- I agree with Dot-- it makes the leaves look windblown. I wanted to let you know you have inspired me. I had been on a sewing/quilting lull for several months; now I am sewing and quilting again. Had painters working on my house, so I moved my old sewing machine into the best room that was accessible during the work and since I was trapped at home, I put the borders on a quilt that had been languishing (and is at the quilters now--hopefully done in time for QuiltFest). I also pieced 2 baby quilts for friends-- one is now quilted using my rudimentary skills on my dear old Kenmore (just needs the binding), and the other is in the process of being quilted. Mostly straight lines with the walking foot, but I played around with some scraps to see if I could make feathers Ha! Not quite-- but at least I tried to stretch my skills a little. Will keep practicing.
Thanks so much for the inspiration. Have fun in Cleveland-- you'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

Many universities have regulations that you have to take at least half of the credits needed for a degree program in-house. Students can transfer in 3 years worth of credits but still need to take 2 years at the university. You might want to check on that to avoid disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sydney. So proud of you, not only at school, but at work. Great job dear one.
I agree with the ladies about the swirling leaves. They look wonderful.
Don't worry about the classes, you will do just fine, you always have. Be safe!!! lum