Monday again...

What is this word relax?  I clearly do not understand.

I set myself some fine goals this weekend.  And, I met them. 

I wanted to clear out the greenhouse.  Over winter, we fill it with plants, so there's always dirt and leaves to clear out and because we can't get to where things belong, we take things out, but then pile them near the door.  And, I cleared all that out. and wiped everything down and emptied pots where the plant had died and got some things we had picked up into new pots.  It was good work and took several hours.  And, it looks so much nicer in there and now I can enjoy it again.  I do like to sit out there in the morning and listen to some music or a book and sew or knit and watch the sun come up.  Now, I can again.

At the same time, I was doing laundry.  Our linen closet picked up an odor over the winter.  I'm not ashamed.  I don't know if it's a universal thing, but in the south, linens that don't get washed for a while and are closed up take on a smell and it will eventually permeate everything.  We weren't there yet, but we did have some things in our linen closet that we weren't using and hadn't washed in a while.  So, they got washed and folded and added to the Goodwill pile.  And, that made space for my table cloths in that closet where I can see them.  I keep buying table cloths because I don't think we have any, and we all know how that works out.  So, some of them got washed and folded and added to the Goodwill pile.  I'm actually starting to see some of the space now...or at least a relief to the overcrowding.

And, I haven't gotten into my clothes closet yet.  The goal is to give away all the winter clothes I didn't wear last winter.  At least that's the plan. 

Early in the mornings, I finished the tree blocks.  I'm very glad those are done and just need to find the setting fabric and then can turn this one into a top.  It's definitely going to be a wedding gift for a couple we know.  This is the layout from the pattern, long and narrow.  Seven more blocks and it could be a queen sized quilt.  But, it's not going to be. 

Because we're giving it to a young couple, I wanted to try to make it wider so they could cuddle on the couch.  You know how newlyweds are.  But, the fact there are two blocks in two of the corners made Rob and Syd nervous, so they poo-pood that idea.  But, it's still on the table.  It doesn't bother me like it does them. 

And, I wanted to get the maple leaf quilt pin basted.  That meant cutting and sewing on the borders, then laying it all out and pinning it together with every pin I own and I could still have used another 25 or so.  It has about 250 in it.  I have everything I need to start this one...except that all important element, time.  There's never enough time.

And, there's never going to be.  My reach is always going to exceed my grasp because there's always going to be something else I want to do.  One more project to finish.  It's how I roll.  In the yard, in the sewing room, in the house.  Even at work.  I sit and think "what's next?"  What other project can I fit in before bed?  I would be so unhappy if I ever got finished.  I always want there to be something to look forward to. 

Everybody have a great Monday!  I'm going to get up and see what I can get done.  Maybe wind some bobbins for the maple leaf.  That's about all the time I have.



Anonymous said...

The tree blocks look great together. That's going to be a nice quilt. The happy couple will be thrilled. I'm sure. The leaf quilt turned out well. You've had a productive weekend. Very inspiring. Thanks ! Have a great day. Mary

Dot Wankat said...

You nailed the fabric for your maple leaf quilt. Your spacing on the leaf quilt is unusual and just right - sparse at the top and denser at the bottom. My eye keeps traveling across the quilt top. Nice.

bets said...

Love both of the quilts! Betsy

Rebecca Grace said...

Your weekend sounds like my weekend -- except yours is the Superman version, and mine is the Sloth version. ;-) But we cleaned all the green pollen and grime out of our screened porch, laundered cushion covers and powerwashed the outdoor rug and the porch furniture to get that mouffy smell out and make it a decent place to be with our morning coffee. And I got zero, zippo, zilch sewing done because I sang at a wedding on Saturday and then had to prepare new music for a rehearsal last night. *SIGH* -- I know what you mean about so many ideas and not enough time! As for the tree blocks -- Are they getting sashing or anything? Because if not, the individual blocks will sort of disappear into a forest of trees and it will be even less noticeable that the layout is not perfectly symmetrical. And that's how trees grow in nature, right? I love the snuggling-for-two sized quilts. Perfect for gifts, and more likely to be loved and used than bed quilts that may or may not match decor over time, or recipients may be afraid to "ruin" if they use it... but the throw sizes are less intimidating somehow.