Not blue

I'm not blue...I'm not blue...I'm not blue, thinking the studio will be, too...

We have finished painting the studio and I'm going to be moving in today.  I still have to finish painting the aquarium stand and it needs a new light kit.  But, it's up and running and it doesn't look like I lost any fish.  We only moved it 5 feet to the right, but I had to drain it down to about 12 gallons to make it light enough for us to lift.  And, we left the water level low while we moved other furniture in, in case we had to move it again. 

The table in the corner, when it's not holding the DVR, will have a drawer storage unit under it and on top will be my cutting board.  My huge ironing board will fit on it, so it can serve double duty.  Under the cutting mat you see on the right, there's a drop leaf dining table.  I can lift the leaf to extend that out when I'm quilting full size quilts.  And, if I put the extra leaf in, it extends long enough to make 84" drapes, which I'm going to need it to do soon, because as much as I love the clean look off that white blind, that window faces west and I need some insulation over it. 
There's still a lot to do and I'm sure I should feel more intimidated about it.  But, I don't!
Instead of the huge antique sofa that used to be in the room, now I have my Grandmother's barrel back chair.  Rob asked for a comfortable place to sit so he can come in and visit and watch TV while I sew.  This chair was in our bedroom, working hard as a support system for clothes  (don't deny it...we all got a place in our bedroom like that), and it seemed perfect for this room. (but where will my clothes go?)
I felt like Rebecca Grace.  I remember that she did this when she was re-designing her sewing space.  While I was emptying the room, I measured all the furniture and I got some graph paper and I drew out the room and I cut out the furniture and I moved it around about a hundred times without injuring either of our backs.  And, this was the layout that made the most sense and gave me the most floor space.  I didn't plan on the chair, so hadn't made a piece for it, but could tell it was going to fit in the space that was left. 
Everybody have a great Monday!  Think of me, getting a fresh start in my quilting studio, trying to find the perfect place to put stuff.  And, hoping I can find it later.



Jill said...

Congrats on your new studio. Glad you didn't loose any fishies. I give you credit for drawing the space on graph paper, I do it the hard way and physically move the furniture around. Then I sit in it to see how I like how it feels. You've done the hard part so you shouldn't feel overwhelmed nor intimated. Enjoy the new space.

Becky said...

Love the color!! It is exciting to work in a newly organized space! I am heading into the big project of making my mess conform better to what I need. I haven't been able to make it happen since we moved here! If you don't hear from me within a year....send help!!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck FINDING all the things you put away, Lane. All these YEARS later, I can still tell you where something "used to be", but I have NO IDEA where it is now!! :o((

Dot said...

Your grandmother's barrel back chair is a treasure. And I laughed - "where will the clothes go?". We all have a clothes-keeper place. Nice job of settling in your new space.

Anonymous said...

The studio looks great. I love that Rob has a place to visit. Thanks for sharing. Mary