Life in the pandemic week 3...or is it 4?

It's week 4.  But, I had to look it up on a calendar.  That seems so long ago. 

It's been so rainy that there hasn't been any garden work, so I spent the weekend indoors, mostly sewing.  On Saturday morning, I was quilting the 30's repro quilt and thinking about how much I needed to get started on the arc quilt and how I don't know what to quilt in it and I suddenly realized I was letting the not knowing intimidate me, even though there's a ton of ditch work that needs to be done and that will probably help me figure out how to quilt the open spaces and I needed to man up and get that one pin basted.  That's done and I am ready to begin...even if "begin" is just make the final choice on thread.

But, yesterday, I had something else to do.  Rob is still going to work 4 days a week and I occasionally go to the grocery, and we needed masks.  I went to the grocery last Thursday, the day before the mask announcement and I was one of the very few people not wearing one, so I decided to make some out of fun fabrics because why shouldn't taking care of ourselves be fun?  There are some for Rob and some for his boss and one for me and Syd.  The fit great and they look great!  I took a pattern off the net and customized it to make it simpler and pumped 10 out yesterday. 

I took last Thursday off.  I'm finding that I both need and deserve some time away from work, although I spent a good chunk of Thursday answering emails from a frantic leader who has given me a task that's far above my pay grade.  Not sure if she's happy with my work and have decided that she's been happy with the work I've been doing and she will be happy with the work do and if she's not happy now, then I just need to wait it out.  I'm doing the absolute best I can to be both assertive (which she wants more of and I don't have more of it right now...and even if I did, I wouldn't be comfortable using it on people two or three levels above me) and fun.  I also know her to be a bit of a micro-manager and am doing a great job of responding to that by acknowledging her concerns and offering to be available anytime she wants to talk.  So far, she hasn't called.  And I haven't changed my fun and assertive tone.  Anyway, I have digressed.  I took part of Thursday to finish the chair.  It came out beautiful!  I did take the front apart and take out as much of that scalloped front edge as I could and it was three times as much effort to put it back together as it was the first time.  The dark spot in the upper right corner is a dent where it sat on a box while I was tacking the dust cover to the bottom.  It hasn't come out yet.  I might need to take my stiletto and poke around in there to fluff up the padding.  But, I'm gonna give it some more time before I go all pokey on the new fabric. 

Even though I couldn't work in the garden, I did get out there and walk around as much as I could.  Of course, I took pictures. 

There are more yellow bearded iris

And, this Cinco de Mayo rose is starting to bloom

And, these violets finally dried up enough to show their blooms

There were groceries on the shelves on Thursday, so I felt comfortable releasing enough rations to give the people a good Sunday dinner.  I made a roast with carrots and potatoes and a yummy gravy and a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower that Syd surprised me by asking how I made it...she hates cauliflower.  And, an angel food loaf with sliced strawberries and whipped cream.  We definitely all enjoyed it and when lunch was over, Rob and Syd did the dishes and they sent me back to make more masks.  I didn't get any of my chores done, so today, will be watering plants inside and in the greenhouse. 

Syd and I are having the same old issues about the same old things that we had when she lived here before.  And, quite frankly, I'm over it.  We get along so much better when we're not living together and I'm good with that.  My only goal is to get through this without ruining the good relationship that we built after she moved out.  Even if it kills her. 

Okay, maybe thinking of her demise is not appropriate.  But, I dare you to live with her and not feel the same. 

I keep watching my country stumble under unforgiveable ineptitude.  It's good to see some governors taking control and taking care of their citizens.  It would be so much better if they weren't having to deal with the orange toad in the white house standing in the way and making it obvious that he cares more for his money than us.  I cannot wait until he is gone...no matter how that happens. 

Everybody have a great week!  I'll be doing things that are above my pay grade and I will be smiling and I will be courageous and I will feel empathy and grief for the families losing loved ones.  The pandemic's got me feeling all kind of feelings all at the same time.  It's important to remember that this is not normal (yet) and not to let it get away from me.  Chin up.  Be kind.  And, remember to laugh whenever possible. 



Dot said...

Really appreciate your comments about dealing with the frantic leader. And dealing with Sydney. Your rationale for both, and different, situations is helpful to read. Keeping a fun and assertive tone sounds difficult and very useful. I'm going to print that part and keep it handy.

Having my son live at home again for two years was both wonderful and exasperating. His fine qualities were all still there as were his at-home habits I'd hoped he'd not resume...

Good job on recovering your chair.

Looking forward to getting past this trying time. I hope we change direction in November, but even with new leadership, I feel that our daily lives will be different.

Anonymous said...

Your masks are perfect. Syd is probably scared....like most young adults/children. Nice to see your garden ...it’s coming along so nicely. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Unknown said...

Hi Lane, I so enjoy your blog!!! You are smart, funny and kind-my kind of person!! I'm guessing that holding a steam iron above the chair bobble and blasting away might solve the problem. I am partial to Margot Coster roses, are you familiar with them? Another favorite is Japanese quince, a slow growing small bush with amazing coral blooms.If you have room,especially a pergola, nothing beats wisteria. I so look foreward to your posts (especially loved your sign about unwanted presidencys). It's such a pleasure to find such a multi talented and like minded individual out there! Louise

The Joyful Quilter said...

Those masks look fantastic, Lane! What customizations did you make? I'm interested in one item in particular. It looks like you used fabric "bands" instead of elastic to go over the ears. Is that correct or are the ties just tucked under to make the picture prettier?

Carla said...

I love the roses. We had Cinco de Mayo roses when we lived in Tomball and now for Valentines the husband bought me 2 dozen roses to plant at the farm. He now has so many projects I told him to stop buying plants. They'll be beautiful once he gets them all in the ground. He got 8 of them in outside my sewing room window. He's the gardener not me.
My daughter and I still butt heads some days so I understand.

This too shall pass. Stay safe.