Dorian Gray

 The house is almost done.  Thank goodness!  Today, they install the gutters and then next, we wait for the door that has a manufacturers defect and the replacement glass for the kitchen window and the screens that were delivered damaged.  Wow, that sounds like a lot went wrong, but really, the house came out great, and these are just the hiccups that happen in any project.  

And at night, with the new porch lights installed, it looks phenomenal!

It really is like a new house on the outside.  Still a lot to do.  Floors, flowerbeds, kitchen, and just before I retire, a roof.  Long term goals...look at me thinking like a real adult.

I spent the weekend remaking the bedroom drapes.  Pictures soon.  I hope.  First they've GOT to be ironed.

I found a baby for this quilt...yay!!  I was making this quilt for someone and that didn't work out, and it was nearly finished and a friend said he had a friend that needed a quilt.  And, I said, I have a quilt.  He loves it and I'm just waiting for them to pick it up.  Confessions.  I accidentally machine quilted this quilt with hand quilting thread.  Everybody says you can't do that because the wax builds up on the eye of the needle.  While I won't intentionally do this again and in no way recommend it, it worked this time.  

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I wanted to do another thread painting of a leaf.  These are examples of the leaf I have in mind.  The painting might include more than one leaf, maybe three...or maybe it will just be a plan...nah, how often do I think of something that I don't really do?  

And, a cute cat pick.  They were laying in the bedroom all cuddled up.  They're loving the new windows and I find them sitting in front of them, looking out.  The other day, I swear I heard the black one singing a song he called "Come closer little squirrel".  

I guess none of us could see through the old windows and doors.  

This is a cluster of lemon blossoms that is way off season.  Here, my trees blossom in the spring and the fruit is ripe in December.  I have a friend in FL and his blooms in the fall and makes fruit in the spring.  Maybe that's what this tree is pretending to do, but it's a good size tree and there's only this one clump of flowers.  


Early voting starts today in Texas.  Wednesday is day 3 of early voting and as planned, I have scheduled it as a day off in case lines are long.  We have our sample ballot and our valid form of ID, and we are going to do our civic duty and pleasure of casting our vote.  We'll be voting to make lying wrong again, to make decency a good thing again, and make the U.S. a place where all are welcome and the most in need are taken care of.  A beacon to the world instead of an embarrassment.  I want to be proud to be an American again.

Everybody have a great week!  Lane


The Joyful Quilter said...

The house looks lovely, Lane!! How on earth did you manage to machine quilt with hand quilting thread? Whoops! The quilt turned out well. It's so cheerful and I'm glad you found an appreciative recipient for it!

Anonymous said...

The house looks great. The quilt is nice. Looking forward to your voting experience. Thanks for sharing. Mary

KC said...

I never knew that about using hand quilting thread in a machine. I have oodles of colors but do not seem to use it like I should, even for hand binding tack down. Your house looks amazing with new paint and the lights add such a warmth. Something we need in these depressing times watching a con artist pretend to run our beloved country. I am with you wanting to eliminate lying and speak honorably with respect.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I mailed my ballot the first week of October, mailed my husband's today. I don't have patience to wait in line. Voting by mail is safe despite what Trump says. Your house looks very nice. Happy stitching!

Dot said...

Nice that you can see the big picture that the damaged door and windows are merely hiccups. Your house does look great.

Looking forward to thread painted leaves. Your thread painted feathers of that bird's neck still have me wanting to pet them. The entire piece was lovely, but those neck feathers......

I watched Biden's town hall last night. I bet if the cable companies reported on how many viewers watched each town hall, we'd have a better picture of how the candidates are doing than all the polls already taken.