Her first overnight guest

Rob and I took yesterday off. Not to do anything. But, just not to be at work. We started with a nice round of chores. I cleaned carpets for 3 hours and Rob built me an enclosure to hold mulch as a floor for this winter's green house. Then, we went for Indian buffet for lunch. Rob had never had Indian food and he liked it very much. I looked at his plate and said "I'm sorry you didn't care for it." Both times that he cleaned his plate.

Then, we rested for the afternoon. He took a nap and I cut out a quilt for a friend. Then, Sydney brought a friend home from school and they did their thing and we did ours. I appliqued grapes. Just a dozen or so left to go. Rob studied lawn mowers. He needs a new one, but can't find one he likes, so he's going to repair.

Pizza made the perfect supper and Rob and I sat in the living room and watched a movie and they stayed in Sydney's room. I don't know what they did. Sydney said they stayed up til 10:30, but Rob said he heard something loud closer to 11:30.

And, they slept half the morning while I pinbasted a Linus quilt and Rob puttered.

Again, I am fascinated by the ordinary-ness of our lives.

Oh, and we got a call from a coach yesterday. We got fussed at for the deplorable state of our child's shoes. What did I know. I haven't seen those shoes since I told he she couldn't bring them home anymore cuz they stunk so bad.

Just kidding.

The call was very compassionate, but did have just the tinies bit of chastising, unsure whether we could afford new shoes and offering to help out if we needed it to get them. That made me feel funny. First funny that she thought we needed the help. Then funny that she offered and curious about whether she was talking about school funds or her personal funds. And, funny that I got absorbed in grades and forgot shoes.

Oh, well. That's how it is, right? Anyway, we will be buying new shoes today. I have a 20% off coupon that's burning a hole in my email inbox. Okay, that's it fo rme. I'm off to cast my last minute vote in the quilt show and then we're off for a bit of shopping and lunch. Sydney's friend loves Thai food. Maybe we'll go all international and do that today.

Take care. Lane


lw said...

I love this post, it's like the letters my friends and I used to write when there before email. You really write well, and I keep hoping for that great American novel from you.

I am having the same problem Rob is having with lawn mowers but with washing machines--I have the money for new ones, but hate everything I'm seeing (with the help of Consumer Reports.) So we repair.

One thing concerns me about Syd's gym shoes. Why didn't she ask for new ones? On the plus side, having a coach care enough to call and offer to help is great--think how many don't care. With the adults Syd has around her, she can't help but turn out to be a wonderful young woman.

Laura said...

With the economy being the way it is, perhaps there are more kids whose parents just can't afford it now? :) Good luck on your quilt, and I look forward to seeing it!

I need to cut out a couple quilts. I just have so much other sewing to do that it's been pushed back again and again. And the vampire pumpkin costumes are sitting on my sewing table mocking me!

Becky said...

It sounds like a wonderfully "normal" weekend! Enjoy it while you can! You got off easy if you didn't hear anything past 11:30! I'm glad the overnite has gone well. I'm wanting to try Thai food, but just can't tolerate too much spice. I ordered black bean soup at a restaurant the other day and asked how spicy it was. The server told me it was considered very mild. Goody! I love black bean soup! So I ate two bites and fell into a coughing fit that lasted 15 minutes off and on. Bleh. Blankety-blank asthma anyway!

Becky said...

We feel Rob's agony over lawn mowers; every year we go through the process of looking at mowers "just in case" and finally ending up with just repairing again. Our mower is nearly 26 years old and the bag is nearly shot but it still runs pretty good and Scott seems to be able to bring it back from the dead no matter what seems to go wrong. THAT'S IT... it's no longer a lawn mower but a Zombie Mower!~ Here's to the Zombie's may they last until someone comes out with a GREAT replacement.

Coloradolady said...

Ordinary is super fantastic! Sounds like everything went well with the sleepover! If they went to bed that early, I'd say you got off easy!!

I think I'd have felt funny also about the coach calling over the shoes. I don't think today, many go out of their way to see what is going on with kids. I guess it keeps you from getting too comfortable. Just when you think you have one issue tackled and working to your liking, BAM....here comes something else! Keeps thing from not getting dull!!! Hope your Sunday is smooth sailing....I voted at the quilt show too....a fantastic quilter by the name of Lane got my vote!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I adore the ordinary-ness, it wounds so homely and lovely! :) I'm kind of wishing someone would offer to buy my kids some shoes!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Isn't it funny how they disappear when their overnight guests arrive? We have a boy here right now, and instead of having little people visit me when they woke up in the morning, I could just hear them talking and moving about upstairs. Doesn't bother me, I'm happy to lie in med with my iPad and catch up on blogs. Now, one just walked into my bathroom in search of bandaids. Apparently, they are preparing to go on a hike, and want to be prepared. :)

Denise in PA said...

I love a simple, ordinary life! Funny about the shoes - a friend once send back the cellos her twins were playing in the school band - they are big instruments and she didn't want to pay for something they really weren't interested in anyway! Next thing she knows, the school is donating two cellos because they thought she couldn't afford them. We still talk about her "charity cellos"!