Storing fabric

Over the years, my stash has grown and as it has grown, my storage methods have changed.  First boxes, then plastic tubs, then open plastic shelving and now, this.


This wooden shelving unit is holding the same amount of fabric that was in two sets of plastic shelving.  But, it’s shorter and it’s only 12 inches thick, so it sits much closer to the wall, leaving me more floor space in my crafting closet.  Floor space in there is important, because all three walls of this walk in closet are covered with my crafting stash; yarn, garment sewing supplies, quilt hoops, quilting books, sewing machines, extra cutting boards, rulers, you name it, it’s in there.  That’s because the sewing room is set up as much as a sitting room as a sewing room, so I don’t store my sewing supplies all around. 

To fit the fabrics in this cabinet, every piece that is in the upper sections had to be refolded to fit.  They were previously folded same as the lower shelf, too wide for the upper shelves.

I did not know that I had so many neutrals and browns.  I tell myself “you can never have too many neutrals”, so when I find one I like, I pick up a bit.  And, now I have a lot of neutrals. 

Green is my favorite color.  I have a boatload of green.  Green takes up one of the upper units, and blue/green and green/blue take up another, and then two stacks in the lower right unit are green.  It’s time to make some green quilts, eh?

I’m still organizing.  As far as I can tell, organizing is basically a journey, not a destination for me.  Some people go out and spend a bunch of money and a couple weeks and ta-da!  They are organized.  Me, I move something to the right side of the room and then to the left and then to the right and then to the left and always think of some better way to be able to find my stuff.

One thing I’m trying to correct is that I have things in different places and therefore, can never keep up with where things are.  I had paint in the craft closet and paint in the garage.  So, I moved the paint all to one place.  Now, when I want paint, I’ll know where it is.  Of course, it won’t be the right color and I’ll have to go buy more, but I’ll know where to put the leftover when I am finished.

Everybody have a great Tuesday!  Lane


Bunny said...

Looks great, hope you manage to keep it that way. I have similar storage but with doors and it never looks that neat. As soon as I pull fabrics and cut some off it never goes back folded the same LOL good luck.

Nancy said...

Great job!! Where did you get the shelving?

qltmom9 said...

That is quite beautiful~
Your green is my turquoise. Your brown is my pink. LOL! I wish mine looked so sweet.


Piece by Piece said...

So organized, looks great, now the task is to keep it that way.
Green is my favorite colour too, bu for some reason the one colour I have little of.
Have a great day.

Patricia said...

I am so green (your fav color) with envy!!!! I need to figure out a way to organize but my problem is I have converted my formal dining room (no closets) and I have the longarm in there that takes up a huge amount of floor space. My stash is upstairs in my DH's office----what to do! But for me the chaos doesn't stop me from creating---maybe I need to sort and toss more! Have a great remainder of the day/week!

Elizabeth said...

*Swoon.* Seeing all that pretty fabric, arranged by color and stacked so neatly makes my heart go pitter-pat.

Someday . . . I'll have my own crafting room. Except that I'm not sure that's really what I'd like. I've always sewn in the family area of the house; I had a little table set up in the family/TV room at my mom's. And I've sewn at the kitchen table, and then a card table in the living room, and now at a sewing table back in the kitchen here. I'm not sure I'd like being tucked away from my family to sew {except for when they get rowdy}. So, I suppose my dream is to have a very large common family area (not a great room, mind you, I think a kitchen should be it's own area) where all the computers are, along with a sewing area for me with places to put everything and a TV. That would be so nice.

Again, love your fabrics all sorted and arranged by color. So pretty.

xo -E

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great storage! My room isn't big and I use every inch! For a time I used foam core to fold my fabric on.....looked beautiful but took up way too much room so I quit using them. Neutrals are always great to have and I used a lot of mine on Bonnie Hunter quilts so need to restock them!

Vesuviusmama said...

Organization is definitely a journey for me, too, as much as I might like for it to be otherwise.

Pauline said...

Delicious! Eye Candy! Love what you have done. I too love green and have even been thinking about making Bonnie's "Double Delight" using greens, pinks and whatever else pleases my eye. You've done a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing such a good idea on turning the bookcase.

Shevvy said...

All that lovely green! Wonderful! This is a job I need to do as well although my stash isn't nearly as big. It must feel great to have this done.

Carla said...

Oh you mean I'm suppose to be organized in my sewing/crafting/office area. mmm I keep trying but I'm failing horribly. I'm at the tub and piling stage for fabric. And since our move last year I haven't found my hooks that go on my grids mounted on the wall so I can hang my scissors or hoops. Maybe I'll find everything one day.