I think I can, I think I can

And, the little train found out, he could.  And, I will.

So, I’m thinking I can pull a baby girl quilt off, here. 


The center is all pieced and the brown is actually kind of nice to tone the pinks down.  There’s some green, too, out in the border.  It’s been waiting.  Bits and pieces, left from Bonnie Hunter’s Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Mystery quilt.  I pieced a queen and only made a lap, which got auctioned by a church group and raised $700 for a mission trip they were taking.  And, I had enough pieces left to make this quilt and another, still not assembled quilt. 

I also brought quilts home yesterday.




which is being renamed, “It’s prettier from the back”


And, this


which is pretty densely quilted as well, but you can’t really see it.


These have been hanging at the LQS where I was teaching.  I’ve had three classes that no one signed up for and I need to change something.  I need some way to get people in and then to get them to tell their friends.  So, I asked for my quilts and I’m going to try to add some of my own marketing to the advertising that the shop has been doing. 

I’m thinking that I need to go to the shop and just sit and sew, on days when there’s nothing else scheduled.  Just show people what I can do and what I’m teaching.  I’ve asked if I can come in on some sale days when there’s lots of traffic. 

And, I need more examples for the shop walls to show off my work.  And, I just don’t have those right now, so the quilts need to come and go instead of the same ones hanging until they disappear into the background.

So, that’s that for now.  I need to build a “brand”.  I’ve watched companies do that for years.  I think I can do that, too.  I think I can. 

Have a great Thursday.  With two extra days added to October, there’s no telling how much trouble I’ll get into.

I just walked through the empty house.  Sydney had left the Kardashians on in one room and Rob had left the Cleavers on in the other.  I’m feeling slightly schizophrenic.  I think I can?

Be well.  Lane


Kath said...

These are just the thoughts that struck me as I was reading, Lane...

As a beginner quilter, I would be attracted to a fairly small, fairly easy-looking project which I would not feel intimidated by. As a newbie, I look at amazing quilts and immediately think "Oh I could not do that".
The high standard of your pieces would make me very shy of coming to a class.

I'm not sure how big are your examples and I realize potential students are at all levels, so my thought are merely, is there something on show for everyone?

These are only my random thoughts, I hope they are of some use xx

qltmom9 said...

I'd have loved that for my baby girls. VERY sweet. I have extra pieces from Roll-roll-cotton-boll too. Bonnie sure gets us BUSY.~
I took a FMQ class an.d failed...I wish I could take your class. I have no rhythym...practice barely helps, and I've done MANY quilts now. They are pretty up 'til my FMQ.


Laura said...

Lane, that's a gorgeous baby quilt for girls. Pink and brown is also a fairly popular color combo for baby girls right now, too.

regan said...

Before I read your description, I instantly thought that border looked like RRCB! Too funny! It's totally distinguishable in our little world! And the quilt is fabulous, too! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Lane, the lack of sign-up is not a reflection on you. It is a sign of the times. People are not eating out like they used to either. It is also the case that once you get into August, lots of folks are focused on school related things... think about your own life running round in circles with Sydney. And, something somewhat unique which we live in. You will have to offer the classes more than once to get folks to sign up. They want to make sure you are going to be around for a while. Not sure why, but that has been the case for a long time.

As someone who has taken a class from you, I know it is not the instructor. He's good, sharing with his knowledge and good demonstrator of techniques being taught. But as Kath said, small projects, easy to do but can be done with a traditional bent as well as a bit more contemporary.

Don't give up and don't change your way of instruction. It is very good. Just keep offering and classes will take off. Just be careful what you wish for!!!


Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, yes you CAN! I think you're on the right track with branding and marketing yourself. You are so very talented and have so much to teach others. Maybe a book on marketing and branding would help?

Elizabeth said...

Lane, I just love that pink quilt. It is perfect for a baby girl. Those babies are so blessed to be getting quilts from you! What thoughtful and generous gifts.

Your quilts and your quilting are SO amazing. Perhaps people are intimidated by that. Before I actually gave it a go, I thought FMQ was something I could never learn to do. And there's definitely a learning curve involved. Maybe they look at your work and think a class taught by you is over their heads. We all know differently, but, that's just a thought.

Kardashians vs. Cleavers? I think the Cleavers could take them. Ward would really give them the business.

xo -E