A baby quilt finish and a Linus quilt start

One right after the other, quilts just roll along.  It’s like a river by which one day, I’ll keep up with my days through pictures.

This is the baby quilt for Rob’s co-worker. 


It was a fun quilt, full of fun things that got worked into it, from originally picking the wrong color palette, which leaves us with two quilts in this pattern, through quilting birch leaves as if they grew on vines. 


We went to our friend’s house on Saturday, and I took this, working on the binding during the hour drive there and back.  Yesterday morning, before it was time to work in the yard, I got the last of the binding sewn down. 

Our friend’s yard was lovely.  She lives in the country and her husband raises cattle and wheat.  She works at the same place as Rob and she was my mentor during my early days of quilting.  She has put in a lovely drought tolerant garden around her house with a new driveway since we were there last and a ton of beautiful glazed pots, all around, with cactus and other drought lovers.  It was inspiring.

We had started our Saturday with a trip to a local nursery and garden center, not one of the big chain stores.  I picked up plenty of plants that, along with what I already had, should form a very drought tolerant flowerbed of my own.  Sunday, I could hardly wait until we had finished at the grocery to stick my shovel in the dirt.  No pictures today because today is not it’s loveliest.  Let’s give it a couple days and then we can see what’s changed.

And, after I’d worked until I could barely stand upright anymore, I came in and started the April Linus quilt.  No, the March Linus quilt is not quilted yet. 

So What.

This one is going to be all homespuns, because I am an overachiever.  I wanted to make one homespun quilt.  Just one.  Erin at VesuviusMama made a homespun dresden plate and it is definitely on my short list of quilts to imitate.  But, I had collected yards and yards and yards of homespuns on sale.  And, I’d donated a half dozen shirts that never really fit right, so I had a whole bind of homespun.


Yesterday, I started ironing it and cutting 5” strips off of it. 


The plan is to turn these into stars and then sash them with the bright blue.  But, we’ll see.  It was originally going to be 9 patches and I may very well go back to that for this one because I need a quick quilt so I don’t fall further behind in my goal for donations.

Everybody have a great Monday.  It’s back to the office for me.  But, first, we’re going to hit 90* today, so my little bed needs water. 

Water in the mornin’.  Water in the evenin’.  Don’t water in the noon day sun.  I’lll be a seein’ you.  We’re gonna have some fun.

Okay, that sounded cooler when sung to a tune in my head. 



lw said...

That homespun likely has a very comforting feel to it.

I love the nature-themed baby quilt. The leaves are great!

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on finishing the baby quilt! It is beautiful (as always). I pinned it for later :).

I admire you for your Linus efforts. I honestly don't know how you get so much done. I've been thinking of making one donation quilt and don't know where to fit it in, and here you are making one every month for the year, plus all the other fun stuff you do. Amazing.

I'm slightly green with envy at your gardening time. When we had nice weather, I was "stuck" (said completely tongue in cheek) inside trying to finish a quilt. Now that I've finished and don't have any deadlines looming, the weather has been uncooperative, to say the least. We woke up to snow this morning. It's the wet, slushy kind that will be gone by noon, but it makes everything too wet and cold to work in. Soon enough, though, there will be good days for gardening.

Love the looks of that homespun quilt.

xo -E

Kath said...

I am very much looking forward to seeing your homespun quilt develop.
I'm just enjoying the blog you mentioned- a very talented lady.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your baby quilt is beautiful, and I think your homespun fabric assortment looks EXCITING! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it, AND looking forward to those garden photos. I've been burned by my black thumb so many times that I just can't get motivated to plant anything this Spring.