I took it as a challenge

Rob didn’t mean it as a challenge.  I could tell by the way he looked up at me when he said it.  And, that just made me want to do it. 

That’s the good thing about loving the person you live with.  You’ve gotta do stuff for the people you live with anyway…it may as well be a pleasure. 

Anyway, he told his Mom he wasn’t sure if I’d finish this year’s holiday quilt in time to hang it.  And, that made me redouble my commitment to try to do just that.  Oh, I probably won’t be finished by Thanksgiving, when we put the tree up.  But, I hope I won’t be far behind.


I can quilt about three snowflakes in an hour.  I estimate there will be 54 snowflakes on the quilt.  Nine are finished.  Don’t do the math.  It’s daunting. 

I thought I’d take the chance to show off the other coat I made.  I’m going to be wearing it today.  (yes, I did just put the whole get-up on and then take it off so I could write this post and then I will have to put it back on in 15 minutes.  See how important you are?)  This is the Hudson Bay coat, made from a ratty Hudson Bay blanket that I bought many years ago, not realizing what bad shape it was in.  But, there was enough good wool to cut the pieces of this coat, so long as you don’t look too close at what’s turned under on the bottom hem.


Okay, that’s about it for me today.  Everybody have a great Friday.  We’re headed out into the cold to work and school.  And, I’m wishing it was a good day to work from home.  Oh, well.

Take care.  Stay warm.  Lane


lw said...

Maybe if you do 1-2 hours a day until it's done?

Love the coat!

Anonymous said...

Love the coat. It would be real warm here today. Don't know if I'm going to make it this winter. Cold to the bone. Be safe next week. and let us hear from you. lum

Megan said...

Fabulous coat Lane - just fabulous.

Sydney, Australia