What do the corners look like

I've skipped around hand quilting the Dresden Plate quilt.  I couldn't work consistently across because I've been marking with blue washout pen and dampening the quilt to remove the ink as I went.  So, next thing I would mark had to be away from that dampness.

But, I have finally finished one complete corner, including the blocks, sashing and border. 

I hope you can see in that pic how I went around the corner.  It's not as good a pic as I thought. 

Heres a slightly better one.  I was quilting those straight lines behind the feathers in the border, and needed a way to round the corner.  It took some effort to figure out how to mark and quilt it and get the lines to line up.  But, it works.  The corners each have a quarter plate in them. 
So, it's the anniversary of September 11.  A day to remember and I do remember.  I remember what I was doing and how frightened I was and how I worried about how this would change things.  And, it has changed things. 
Please remember because those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.  And, we can't afford to lose any more of our freedoms in deference to terrorists who would harm and frighten and threaten us.


lw said...

The corner block petals are a nice surprise. I wouldn't have thought to do that.

September 11 is also my father's birthday, he would have been 85 today. I'm really missing him.

Anonymous said...

Impressive quilting.

Barb H said...

Beautiful hand quilting, Lane. I think you've got another blue ribbon in the future. You have way more patience to do that than I do!

Becky said...

Another stunner!!! Love it!
Have a good weekend and week ahead!
Love, Becky

Kath said...

I have si enjoyed seeing this quilt develop. I would love some posts about how you quilt by hand for us beginner hand-quilters.

I hope our American friends don't think we Brits have forgotten 9/11. Every year there are quiet anf thoughtful services held and I remember exactly where I was and how I felt when I saw the news unfolding on TV. As the shock wore off it was replaced by terrible sadness as the human stories started to be known.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your hand quilting is gorgeous on this one, Lane. I especially love the leaf border and the corner turn is perfect!

Tammy said...

Wow!!! Your hand quilting skills and machine quilting skills are fantastic. You sir, are truly an artist with needle and thread. I just love your quilts. How many hours did it take to hand quilt one block and surrounding sashing? Beautiful, beautiful work Lane. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Lovely quilting....talented. Always enjoy your posts.

I remember. I remember saying that this would mean a loss of civil rights. Sadly, I was not wrong. The damage that day was heart wrenching, gruesome, awful and I still mourn. The damage to our democracy is, perhaps, longer lasting.