As shown at quilt guild

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u remember, this year I was priviledged to piece the guild's opportunity quilt.  Last night was the unveiling.  It was very nice.  Lots of attention.  Felt really good.  The quilt looks fantastic.  The quilter did great work.  And, as soon as I can get the pictures off my phone, I'll post them here. 

In the meantime, here is the finished sunflower quilt.  It seemed to be pretty popular too. 

I drew out the sunflower shape, in correct size, then drew a sunflower that fit in the gold part.  You can't really see them from the front, but from the back, they're pretty perfect. 

I used a template to fill the border. 

It's simple and nice and perfect for the people it's intended for. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Work is good.  Which means a lot.  And, I'm making some small coasters for some friends for the holidays.  Just a little something I can whip out. 

And, I have a project I want to start.  Because it's just not the holidays if it's not crammed full to the brim with stuff to keep me busy and focused on the important stuff.  Cuz the other crap just loves to come to the party and make a big mess and dare anybody to say anything about it. 



Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the quilt cannot wait to see the Guilds Quilt too. Thank you for your inspiration, so miss your day to day antics LOL!
Sue Smit

lw said...

Your sunflower quilt makes me smile! I love the round sunflower quilting.