MIL day

I finished the quilting on the race quilt.  I love the back, a very 80's southwest print.  I've been wondering where I'd use that print. 

I quilted it in straight lines down all those ditches.  Would I do that again?  NO.  That took longer than I anticipated, mostly because I can't quilt like that all in one direction.  I have to do it like a farmer plowing a field.  I get to the end of the row and turn and come back up the next row.  That keeps the quilt from shifting as I quilt it.  I once made a quilt and quilted one side of it top to bottom, cut the thread, then top to bottom.  When I quilted the other half, I did top to bottom again, which was bottom to top relative to the first half.  When I got done, I had a parallelogram with two 60* corners and two 120* corners (yes, I'm exaggerating.  But only a little bit).  I squared that, but it never laid flat.  It always wanted to pull on the diagonal.  So, now I always alternate the direction of each row. 

Now, to bind it.  Red, I think.  Or, maybe mixed strips from the 2" bin.  I dunno yet.  And, I don't have to decide.  Not today anyway.  If I get any sewing time over the next few days, maybe I'll work on that.  Or, maybe I'll do something else.  The only thing I can't do is quilt.  I can sew all I want.  Maybe I'll even make a shirt or something.  Who knows. 

Rob's Mom comes today.  She will be here for graduation on Friday.  The house is sparkly on the inside.  But, it's moldy on the outside.  I don't think the rain is ever going to stop.  My garden is having it's best year.  And, it's so muddy I can't get out there.  Not to mention the cloud of mosquitoes, hell-bent on my destruction lurking right outside the back door. 

Her request, as it always has been, is 'don't go to any trouble'.  Well, first, we like going to trouble for her, so it's no trouble at all.  She loves my food and is an adventurous eater, so we are having a simple casserole and salad tonight.  But, tomorrow night, it's Indian food - butter chicken.  Friday is graduation and I'm pretty sure we will eat out.  Saturday we always eat out, but I have Thai food in my back pocket in case I need something all of a sudden.  Sunday I'm making a roast chicken and cornbread stuffing.  Monday, something simple because she flies on Tuesday; probably Swiss steak and mashed potatoes. 

Sydney is making me cray-cray!  Don't be surprised if you drive past my house and find a cell phone nailed to a tree as a warning to other parents about out of control cell phone use.  Unfortunately, that is a battle we are never going to win.  All we can do is make sure she is prepared to live on her own.  Hopefully soon. 

Very soon. 

People say empty nest like it's a bad thing.  Who are these people?  Do they need a psychiatrist? 



Laura said...

Two of my kids are out of the house, and one only comes home for college breaks. An empty nest is a beautiful, peaceful thing. It is amazing how much better we get along now that we aren't living together all the time.

lw said...

The first two years after my children left home were the hardest of my life. I think empty nest is harder on people who had their children young; we never formed an adult identity apart from being parents. It took a long time to figure out who I was.

Kath said...

Yes I agree with Laura, we get on so much better now my son is independant and I love every minute of his visits. The icing on the cake is my beautiful daughter-in-law.

Becky said...

hahaha! Love you, Lane!!


jane said...

ha ha Lane. Just say, This too will pass. On the other hand I am still changing diapers 44 years and counting. Want to change places?

Rebecca Grace said...

Congratulations on Sydney's graduation! The cell phone thing is a problem with our boys, too. It's crazy how much that one little contraption has transformed our lives -- much more so than the invention of the sewing machine, and French tailors actually rioted against THAT invention!

Thanks for the tip about alternating rows when straight line quilting. I know exactly what you mean about everything skewing crookedy-wampus. And how LONG it takes -- you think of straight line quilting as being quick and easy, but it can be monotonous, too.

The Joyful Quilter said...

LOL!! DS1 brings his phone to the dinner table. Drives me Up. The. WALL!!! DS2 (our last) graduates next week and will be going off to college in the fall. I told him that I was going to replace him with a longarm quilting machine. Bring on the empty nest!! LOL