A better face

I declare this one finished...practically.  Still needs a sleeve and a label.  But he has a face. 

There isn't much quilting, just around all the pieces.  That gave the figures dimension, which I like.  I thought about quilting in some small snowflakes, but really, this one says "done".

When I was quilting this one, the Bernina was starting to make a noise.  That's a vintage machine owner's regular occurrence but it has to be addressed.  I tried oiling this thing and that thing without really finding the source. 

Only one solution.  Between quilts, I gave it a good service.  I do this at least once a year, in January, on this machine but I've quilted several quilts this year, so it's not bothersome that it would need it a little early.  I rotate through my other machines, so service them when I pull them out for use.  I try to use each one for a while every year.  (yes, I have a lot of sewing machines)

Lint buildup is a sure sign that it's time for service.  And, once done, we were back to near silent operation again.  It's amazing what a little cleaning and oiling can do.

I changed our dentist yesterday.  Saw the new one for the first time.  We've been seeing a dentist for years and...it just hasn't been working out.  The dentist was find and the staff was too.  But, the practice wasn't a good fit for us.  How the doctor runs their business is really half of the experience after all.  Loved the new guy.  Me and the hygienist hit it off big.  So, now I'm energized about going to the dentist again.  Maybe it won't feel like such a chore. 

Everybody have a great Thursday.  Sydney and I will be continuing to practice being nice to one another.  I kind of had an "episode" on Monday...and yes, I get the irony of shouting at someone that they have to be nice to me...but it seems to have worked.  The next day, she was civil.  And, the next day, she was downright friendly.  So, whatever it took, I'm shutting up and enjoying it.



Paulette said...

Very cute! I love the basket in the snowman's "hand" and the cardinal on the other. Good reminder to clean, oil and rotate use of the machines. I need to do that.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Very nice, I like the way you've handled the corners of your border.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Such a CUTE wall hanging for the holiday season and beyond. Congrats! on your finish.

Margie said...

So cute! Once again I am impressed with your work ethic. Don't know why l read you. Makes me aware of what a slug I am😏

My name is Riet said...

What a cute and lovely quilt. I never made a Santa but I feel like making one now. Sad is I have so many plans that I don't think I can make it this year .We 'll see.

I started posting in English on my blog because more people said the translater didn't work properly.
Have a nice Sunday

Carla said...

This is too cute. I love it. You know if it needs a home I'm just a couple hours down the road from you. LOL