Not too much going on at the machine

And, that's not good. 

I need my machine time to keep me happy.

Monday, the dentist's office called and they'd had a cancellation and could move my appointment to start my crowns up by a week...a week less to worry about it.  I jumped on that.  And, only had a few minutes to worry about it, which was nice.  No time to work myself into a tizzy.

It's amazing how long anesthetic lasts when you're relaxed and not stressed out in the dentist's chair.  Our new dentist is very confident and I like him.  I was able to completely relax and just go with the experience.  And, I've only had a small amount of pain.  Nothing I couldn't handle. 

And, things are already getting better, and we're only at the temporary part.

I have been drawing.  I've drawn more fillers for the Broken Star quilt.  I haven't drawn what I want yet.  But, I have gone off white as the background color.  Maybe off-white?  And, I'm not all that sure I want the pieced blocks as the fillers.  But, for now, I keep going back to that.  Not ready to give up on the idea.  And, I'll keep going smaller...somehow, none of these is in scale to the rest of the quilt. 

And, I keep quilting straight lines.  Just in case you're not sure, quilting straight lines is pretty boring.  So, I have to break it into small bursts of quilting and then walk away for a while. 

But, I'm nearly around for the first time.  And, now I get to do it all again, a quarter inch away.  yay for my exciting life.

Yesterday, a deplorable posted a hate filled comment on my blog.  I can only assume that he saw "man" in the title because his subject was the "vile American woman".   And, what he had to say was a big pile of horse poop.  I responded with a biting response that he was never going to read, and then decided not to bother all of you with either one.  But, I did turn off the ability to post anonymously, because deplorables don't give their names, and I can take advantage of that to block them.  But, I think I'm going to change it now to monitor the comments before they post.  That might be a better solution because I don't plan to give other people a platform on my blog.  I've never done that before, so we will see how it works. 

Everybody have a great Thursday!  My job has changed a little.  I used to work for two people.  Now, I'll only be working for one of them.  And, hopefully that will free up some time for me to work on new challenges.  I'm being recognized for the unique skills I bring to the job and asked to grow those skills on larger projects.  It's nice to be recognized. 

My Dad used to tell me that good work is always rewarded with...

more work. 

As true today as it was in 1972 when I was 10 and had to rake the back yard, too. 

Read this the other day on someone's desk.  Cracked me up.  If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not your thing



Anonymous said...

It's really a shame that people feel so powerful and truly anonymous that they think it's ok to hurt others. I don't know you personally, only through your blog. YOU DON'T DESERVE THAT! We need more caring people in this world, just like you. That man is a useless coward, and could never hold a candle to your ethics. Continue to hold your head high. Now get back to that straight line sewing:)

barbara faye said...

I agree with the above comment. I have always loved your blog and enjoy reading about your quilting and your life. Please do not let some hateful comments change your blogging. I think our society is turning into a hateful one. Enjoy your quilting

Anonymous said...

I am appalled that anyone would be nasty to you. I suppose that trolls like to think they can say mean things without fear of reprisal. Your blog is one that I relish reading because it is so measured and thoughtful. I hope it doesn't put you off writing, as I, for one, would miss you terribly. Keep on being you and let's see lots more fabulous quilting as well! (A Scottish aficionado)

Anonymous said...

I agree, don't let people like "that" change your blogging. I look forward to your posts. It always amazes me how much you get done, and you work full time, you're a father, a husband, a gardener....a man of many hats. Keep the faith! There are good people reading your blog. Mary

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above 3. You write beautifully and from the heart. I'm going to try this anonymously and see how long it takes to be printed. I cannot be considered prejudice (is that spelled correctly?), I'm just your Mom. Take care and by all means stay busy... lum

Laurel said...

Lane, I found your blog last December via a vintage sewing machine search, and I was hooked by your thoughtful, intelligent and detailed posting style. I went back to the beginning of your blog, and devoured every post, your life, your family, your garden - I enjoyed every word. My brother is a gay man struggling to find his way in life, I hope one day he can enjoy a life even a little bit as beautiful as yours. You are truly a renaissance man - and an amazing quilt artist. I just love your writing and think you are just a wonderful individual! My best thoughts go out to you. :)