Finally the holiday spirit

First, a picture of a quilt.  This is last year's Christmas quilt. 

I picked this up at the boutique at last year's quilt show.  And, I couldn't follow the pattern, so even though it came from a kit, there's not another one exactly like it anywhere.  I added trees and changed borders.  Maybe added a snowflake.  And, changed the background size to accommodate all that. 

Saturday, we had lunch with our friend LD.  She was her normally chipper self and we exchanged gifts and had Mexican food for lunch and a nice long visit.  When we got home, I squeezed out a little quilting while Rob took a nap.  Then we had our traditional Saturday night dinner and a movie. 

Yesterday, I woke knowing I needed to get things done.  I got to quilt a few minutes in the morning while the butter softened.  And, then I made our Christmas cake.  A mincemeat cake.  First time, but I think it's going to be perfect!  I baked the cake that had mincemeat in it, and half way through baking I topped it with a mincemeat mixture that baked into a firm but gooey topping.  And, that made me so happy that I made 5 dozen cowboy cookies (oatmeal and chocolate chip).  I finished at 8:30 and we went to the grocery, then home to unpack and then we did the rest of our Christmas shopping.  Well, the most of it anyway.  And, then we came home, and I made 5 dozen fruitcake cookies.  I think my Mom called these fruit lizzies.  But, they're a really good cookie.  And, then a batch of hello dollies, which are chocolate, coconut and pecans on a graham cracker crust.  And, a shepherd's pie for dinner tonight. 

After I washed dish mountain, I wrote my Christmas cards and then I wrapped all the presents I've bought.  Holy reindeer, Batman!  I haven't wrapped in a long time.  Usually, while I'm in the kitchen making some delicious holiday treat, I get Rob and Syd to wrap one another's gifts for me.  Turns out, I'm a really good wrapper.  Really fast.  I'd forgotten.  I wrapped a whole pile of gifts in a very short time. 

I walked through the bedroom pretty early and Rob was making down the bed.  And, I said something.  And, he explained that he wanted it already made down when I collapsed. 

I think it's the fruitcake cookies that got me in the mood.  I remember how much prep time it took and the baking time.  They take a ton of fruit and nuts and just enough spicy batter to hold them together.  And, the recipe makes 10 dozen.  They bake a long time and they're made in mini muffin tins, tho I might think about making them as a regular cookie sometime to see if it works.  They'd be a lot easier that way.  I only have enough tins to make two dozen at a time.  They're another Christmas memory.  Fruitcake cookies were my Mom's cookie.  When all the family came together over the holidays, everybody brought something sweet to snack on.  And, everybody tried to bring something different.  My Mom brought these cookies and I remember them very fondly.  They were her contribution.  They were the first time I encountered alcohol in cooking.  We grew up in a strict teatotaller household and I didn't even know my Mom kept sherry in the house for cooking until she made these cookies.

When we were shopping, I was singing carols out loud...especially in the grocery where I feel really comfortable.  Spending time with LD, writing cards, wrapping gifts, Christmas baking.  Holiday movies that make me cry. 

I hope I always cry when Scrooge wakes on Christmas morning.  It means I'm alive and my heart hasn't turned to stone.

Everybody have a great Monday! 



Mary said...

whew, I was tired just reading how much you did. Those cookies sound yummy. I stirred myself to do some baking this weekend. Whipped up a batch of brownies and chocolate truffles that everyone else likes but I can't stand anymore. And we had a terrific family get-together where we all sit talking for hours and no one wants to leave. It felt really good.

Elle said...

Yikes, you sound like the Superman of making! I can't imagine accomplishing half of that in a day.

Anonymous said...

you do more than I can get done in a week. I was doing pretty good by making some pie crusts for putting in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas quilt looks perfect. What a great spot for it. I imagine with all the baking you did, that your house smells devine! Mary

Anonymous said...

They are "fruit cake cookies" not lizzies. Lizzies are an entirely different cookie and not nearly as good. Doesn't take nearly the time either. If I can find my tins, I'll send them to you for next year. Almost bought fruit yesterday, but grocery didn't have green pineapple. Love the quilt, course, I love all your things. Have not found the Christmas Spirit as of yet. lum

PattiLynn said...

Sounding sooo yummy! Merry Christmas!