In the midst of it all

I haven't really been telling people about our foundation thing.  There's a saying here that every house that doesn't have a cracked foundation will have one eventually.  It's the clay soil the city is built on.  Many of the houses in our neighborhood have had foundation work done.  Anyway, people don't like to talk about it because they're worried they will be next.  Don't talk about it is like whistling past a graveyard. 

But, there was one co-worker whose daughter had had foundation work last year and I mentioned it to her.  We had a nice long chat about how theirs went.  They chose one of the companies that we didn't choose, so it was interesting to hear how that process worked.  We talked about some boxes and packing paper in her garage that she was glad to bring to us.  The next day, she showed up with 13 new boxes, a bundle of packing paper and a roll of tape.  She'd stopped at Lowe's and picked it up that morning.  When I realized what she'd done and said she didn't need to do that, she said she liked to help her friends out when they were having a rough patch and gave me a big hug.

I was moved.  There will be a thank you card on her desk this morning.  And, we used all those boxes and so, so, so many more. 

The POD came Saturday morning.  That was fascinating to watch.  The lifted it, pulled the truck out from under it, and used the lifting unit to drive it into our driveway and lower it.  The lifting unit was itself a wonder of machinery, but the delivery driver did a really nice job and certainly knew what he was doing.  He parked it right where we needed it.  . 

All the glass that was in the laundry room, just above where they will need to make a hole is packed as is all the glassware in the kitchen.  All the serving pieces that were stored above where they are placing another pier is packed...it's surprising how many of these piers are under something of mine that has to be packed up.  Rob has packed everything in the living room and there are just a couple things in the dining room.  All the furniture is so bare!  Do you remember I mentioned that we ended up with a box that had about a thousand cloth napkins in it?  Welllll, all the dishes in the kitchen that I didn't think I needed to pack are stacked with those between them, not because I'm afraid of breakage, but I don't want to listen to them rattle.  And, we attacked the garage.  We disassembled the jenga puzzle of extra furniture.  And, we picked several pieces to let go and a few pieces to keep.  We have a big goodwill pile.  And, Rob has a friend, so all that stuff that I wanted to put ebay and was never going to, I'm giving to her to sell.  Rob took three boxes to her on Friday.  Yesterday, I packed three more. 

On the quilting front, I just sent Edyta feedback on the coolest Christmas quilt.  It's called Oh, Tannenbaum.  The 24 pages of instructions look intimidating, but it's a very easy to follow pattern, made in a row by row style. 

And, I finally found my layout for this quilt.  Sorry about the toes.  But, I'm just too tired to edit. 

And, there are garden pics.  A couple daylilies. 

And, the oakleaf hydrangea has started to change to a pinkish brown. 

Well, that's it for me.  Syd had to be at work early and has overslept, so superdad is going to need to take her to work.  Everybody have a great week!! 



Anonymous said...

Showing your toes.......shows your grounded! Ready to tackle what’s next. Have a good week. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Mary said...

We are on clay also and have several problems in the foundation that need work. Luckily ours can be dug out and re-mediated. However it has yet to be done but then we've only been here 3 years. Lots of talk about doing it this summer, mostly on my end.The whole "dig it up" aspect is delaying work on the deck that I want. Hope all goes well and no breakage in your dishes, clever use of the napkins.

Anonymous said...

I know all those Apple dishes are packed well and will not break. You and Rob are busy as can be, just think, when they get finished with the slab all this has to be re-done. I also have a white daylily, seemed to have lost the green one. It is hot and dry here, we got all our rain at one time. Take care and be good to each other. lum

Rebecca Grace said...

Let's hear it for Super Dad, coming to the rescue once again! :-). Your quilt layout looks great and no need to edit out your toes. Think of it as your ultimate photo watermark, because no two quilters share the same toes... ;-). Those lilies in your garden are glorious!