Blogging on a Tuesday...not my fault

I want to start with a bit of a rant.  Please forgive me.  I know that companies look for their names on social media to see what people are saying about them.  Microsoft, your ability to support the products we use is crap.  You have forgotten what a customer is and how to take care of your customers.  Soon as I can, I will be moving to an Apple product.  So far, they still remember the role customers play in a business relationship.  If, like me, you've been screwed by the September update to Windows 10, I was able to restore my laptop to before that update was installed and am here today.  I read an article that Microsoft layed their entire testing team off and that's why we have so many issues.  That certainly seems to be a bad decision.

Okay, so what about me???  I'm all moved back into my studio.  The smell of wet paint has started to go away.  And, I'm loving it.  I celebrated by making the rest of the small stars for my second star block.  I'm loving everything about this little quilt, except the fact that I'm about out of dark blue and am going to have to find more.  I haven't found any of this particular shade of black/blue in my stash, so maybe that credit I have at the quilt shop is going to finally get used. 

I showed pics of the painted studio last week.  Since then, I have cleared out the studio closet, which took a day and a half because I was going through everything and getting rid of as much as I could and re-organizing, re-folding, and re-packing the rest.  It's a big closet.  After it was empty, it took me another day and a half to paint it because of the sheetrock repairs that had to be done and the brush work around all the corners and edges.  The tape along the ceiling had torn from the ceiling when they leveled the house and that was a lot of work to fill the crack and make it pretty.

Then, I started to fill it.  It's a big closet.  It holds a LOT of stuff.  I decided to pull my UFOs and WIPs out of their boxes and corners and hang them on hangers above my stash.  That way, the next time I'm pulling fabric for a new project, I'll have to look at my already started projects.  Hopefully, that will shame me into finishing something instead of starting something new.  Maybe. 

Books in the middle, and fabric collections on the right.  Those include an Asian bin, a batik bin, a homespun bin and others, including bright fabrics I save for Linus quilts. I know it looks crowded, but it's so well organized that I can reach in and grab whatever I'm in the mood for.  Rob reminded me that it will stay that way until I stop putting things back where they belong.  He's right. 

I also finished moving into the studio.  I know, it looks a lot more crowded than it really is.  But, well organized.  There's a LOT more space than there was before.  Space to move around and space to lay a quilt on the floor.  (two huge bags of trash and a very large donation pile and a pile for the free table at the next guild meeting I go to)

And, my sitting space, which I think I'm going to enjoy most of all. 

That's it for me today.  I spent all my blogging time getting this laptop up and running.  But, hopefully it's resolved now and I won't have any more issues, as long as I don't shut down or restart until the bug is fixed. 

Everybody have a great week.  It was hard to go back to work yesterday.  I sure enjoyed my time spent at home.  And, the office just wasn't the same as being here.  But, I had to go there because there was no way I was going to be able to focus on work with this lovely room to play in. 



Mari said...

What a lovely room, and your closet looks awesome and useful!

Anonymous said...

The closet looks great.....very organized. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Dot said...

Regarding your star quilt, you are really good about putting movement in your quilts with light and dark variation. And block size. And color choice.I've, mostly, gotten over being envious and just enjoy your work.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice job on the closet makeover, Lane!!