Prepping for the holidays

After all the painting we've done the last few weeks, this week it was time to relax and do some chores. 

One of my jobs was to finish the repairs on a quilt for my niece.  This is the quilt. 

It's really cute.  I'm not sure how old it is, but I recognize several of the fabrics.  She sat too close to the fireplace and an ember sparked out and hit the quilt and burned a hole the size of a silver dollar  all the way through.  When they were here in September, she asked me to repair it and I brought it home and studied it and procrastinated and then found matching, and procrastinated, and then I finally worked up the nerve to take a pair of scissors to it and try to fix it...because what if I couldn't and made it worse?
Here's the repair on the back.  You may have to blow the picture up to find it. 

After that was done, I cut the pieces out of the front and replaced the hole in the batting with a patch and put new pieces in.  Can you see the new pieces?

I put pins on them.  The only way I can find them is to find the repair in the back and flip it over.

I also finished the drapes for the living room.

Yes, the stripes connect.  And, I only got upset one time when I was making them.  That was at the first hanging when the stripes did NOT match up.  These tie our brown wood furniture in with the gray paint and they're masculine.  Both goals met. 

And, we started hanging quilts.  These went up in the studio and there are two others hanging in the living room.  Oh, and there are curtains in the window.  That's new, but they're old...they're the old living room curtains.  They will need to be taken apart and put back together so they will hang straight.  One day.  But, for today, they're just fine the way they are. 

This was a kit quilt.  The fabric had all four gradations of each of the three colors and the pattern was written to use them and get this result.  Then, I did some great quilting in it and it's hung in the studio since then. 

Everybody have a great Monday!!  My boss is back after a bereavement leave and I'm sure he's going to forward me all his emails from last week.  I can hardly wait.  But, it keeps life interesting, I guess. 



The Joyful Quilter said...

Incredible repair job, Lane! Those rooms look lovely with the addition of quilts on the walls. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Curtains are perfect. You should show us the doll house. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Dot said...

You make such a fine variety of quilt styles. I remember your posts on making that blue and yellow star quilt. I still love seeing it. But the interlocking blue/green/rust blocks is very different and equally striking. Your have assembled a very appealing sewing room.

Not forgetting your niece's quilt which is both gently lovely and lovingly and invisibly repaired. Lucky niece.

Anonymous said...

My, my, my, it is almost like a new home. Beautiful job, Lane and Rob.
Love the quilts, don't know which would be my favorite. Congratulations on the repair job. Is it "Log Cabin" pattern? Always wanted to quilt that pattern, think I started at one time, but never finished. Happy Thanksgiving lum

JustGail said...

You did a great repair job on the quilt. Your studio is looking good - nice an relaxing unlike mine!