Mask maker, mask maker, make me a mask...

When some quilters started making masks for hospitals, I didn't.  I didn't feel like I could make a difference and I didn't feel like a mask I made would be very protective for someone on the front lines of the pandemic.  But, when Rob took his mask to work last Monday, the staff at his office, a Mental Health facility where a small number of clients still have to come to the office and where a small number of staff still need to be there to support them and to mail them their medication, the staff there loved them.  And, expressed that they wish they had one for jobs that were not particularly client facing.  And, while what I could do was just a drop in the bucket for a hospital staff, it was enough to fill a need for a smaller, but still vital medical staff.  So, last Tuesday, I got to work and by last night, I had made 20.  These include the remaking the masks I had made for us because a single layer of fabric wasn't what was recommended.  They'll go with Rob to work today to be handed out to any who want them, less a couple for me and 5 for Rob so he has one for every work day. 

I went to the grocery last Thursday, expecting to see everyone in masks.  But, there were fewer people with masks that day than there were the previous Thursday.  And, still a lot of young people buying just one or two day's supplies, meaning they're still going to the store multiple times a week.  Not sure I'm understanding what part of stay at home they're not getting.  Every day, I celebrate my parents and grandparents who taught me to be resourceful and planful in times where those skills are needed. 
I also got the baking bug.  I keep reading about people who are filling their time with baking, and while I didn't plan on it, I guess I followed suit.  On Thursday, I baked bread and cookies. 

And, yesterday, I made sure we had a proper Easter, with eggs and all, including an apple pie.  Here are the before and after of our eggs. 

And, I spent a lot of time wandering around in the garden, where nature is continuing her work, even while the rest of us are quarantined at home. 
The Mr. Lincoln rose put out a bunch of flowers at once. 

The Cinco de Mayo rose is still putting out these orange/pink blooms. 

This Gerber Daisy that nearly died last year sent up a flower in the green house. 

This bi-color Iris sent up it's first flower of the year.  I almost said first flower, but I know it bloomed one flower a couple years ago.  It's not been in the right place and this year, it's being moved to a better place.

And, the Oakleaf Hydrangea is starting its show.

And, like every year, there's more yard work than I can do.  On Saturday, I focused on weeding and pruning.  Most of the weeds aren't really weeds...they're things I'm successfully growing in other parts of the garden and don't want to grow where they've spread to.  So, I pull them up by the roots and plant them in pots to give away.  I have so many pots of things to share that I really need to put them out on the street to give away.  Soon as Rob picks what he wants, the rest can go to the neighbors. 
I lost a follower last week.  Someone I offended with my political rhetoric.  She said I was ugly and sad.  And, while I was polite in my response, I really don't care.  I think every trump supporter should be offended.  They should be offended by his lack of anything approaching intelligence.  They should be offended by his enablers.  They should  be offended by his narcissism.  They should be offended by his nepotism.  But, since they aren't, I'm glad to offend as many as I can.  donald trump is an offense.  He's an offense against the U.S.  He's an offense to all decent human beings.  And anyone that supports him should be first shoved out of the way, and second left to the dustbin of history like the obscure confederate politicians that tried to divide this nation once before. 
Until then, their words should be ignored.  Their hate should be ignored.  Their attacks should be ignored.  Until they are silenced by time and decency and love and a desire to help others. 
And, that's what I feel and what my blog is going to continue to reflect, whenever I feel the urge.  My only concession will be a line, like the one above.  If you want to read my words, but not my politics, you should stop at the line going forward. 
Everybody have a great week.  I can attest that chocolate chip cookies are good for what ails the soul in these lonely times.  Be well.  Stay home if you can.  Wear a mask when you do have to be around people. 


Dot said...

I really liked your colorful Easter eggs. I loved your blue and yellow quilt in the background.

I long for a leader in the White House who will again be watching out for us.

Mask use in interesting. You are seeing less people using masks. I am seeing more, but clearly neither place has most of the people wearing one.

Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog. Even though I know you are writing once a week, it's still the first thing I check each morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I enjoy your blog . I am a quilter and a gardener. your quilts are impressive. I am a Canadian, so looking out my window I see a few Crocus in bloom , so I enjoy seeing your beautiful blooms and know I will have the same in time. I like your spiel on your president, I am amazed that any one could defend his actions and words.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You are very kind to have supplied Rob's office with face masks. Nice work, Lane!

Anonymous said...

Oh the flowers are lovely.....baking looks great. I bet your house smells heavenly! Thanks for sharing. Mary

Debby said...

Thank you for your blog, which is a bright spot in the week. Thank you also for your sense of decency in a world which could use more of it.

kathyz said...

I generally don't comment, but for this I will.
How that braying jackass got elected mystifies me and makes me fearful for a repeat. You are more than respectful in the well-deserved criticism you share. The whiner in DC would never be that respectful toward you.
Chin up - more of us are with you than you probably will know.

Marie said...

Thank you, Lane.
Thank you for masks, for flowers and cookies and bread pictures, and for speaking.

suzanprincess said...

One of the many reasons I AM a follower is your spot on comments on that lump of lies and hate that infests our White House. Thank you for expressing what many of us think, and also for the varied happiness that inhabits all your posts. Yours is one of my top three blogs, and all involve literate and interesting writing, with humor as well.

Mary Russell said...

Thank you for wonderful posts.

BarbaraShowell said...

We all need to speak up, as long as we can. Looking forward to more quilts a the products of your yard work.

Mari said...

Love the flowers! And I share the politics! I can't even watch the news any more. I do read some things, but it's too much to have so many dead and suffering and that man wanting praise and accolades. It's pretty awful, so I've tuned out. the whole mask thing makes me so angry. We should be able to protect our own people. That's what government is FOR. If I get started I won't stop, but have a good day, Lane! Don't stop with your opinions. Wish I was in Texas to enjoy some flowers right now.

Spatz 4 Paws said...

I have been following your blog for many years, but I am usually not one to comment. I love your quilts, gardens and comments on life. I am appalled by the way America is handling this situation. Perhaps it is because I am from Canada and although we have our own problems, it seems to me that we are working together to get through this difficult time. I hope that what I see on social media is more of an example of the extreme and not the norm, but I am not seeing much compassion or co-operation from those who are leading America. I sense that there is a lot of anger because there is such a lack of leadership that comforts your citizens. I hope you and your family stays safe.