That one week where nothing happened

 It feels like nothing happened last week.  Like life was on hold.  Things happened, but they weren't interesting things.  I dusted and oiled the furniture.  I cleaned a small section of carpet where a pet had an accident.  I did some laundry.  Yawn!!!!!!

I didn't sew, knit, crochet or needlepoint a single stitch.  I didn't have time.  I had chores to do.  

Chores-schmores!  You've heard me say this before.  My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy and chores almost always rate less than sewing...which explains why every so often, I have to stop everything else to do chores.  

This hibiscus bloomed.  I think it will be the last one this year.  The cooler weather has made big changes in the garden and the fall and winter flowers are getting prepared.  But, the most cold sensitive plants have started to fall back.  The picture on the left is how it looked, but the picture on the right is how I first saw it.  That's the kitchen window.  The new clear glass should be in this week or next.  And, I am ready.  That window is my main view of the garden.

I saw this succulent blooming on my walk last week.  I've watched it change from a tight bud on a long stem to this.  It's lovely.  

Speaking of my walks every day, Savannah had her 6th birthday over the weekend.  I don't personally know Savannah, but we all know she had a big day!  This is a professional sign company and I think that was a very good business idea and wish I'd thought of it.

Sad came by for some mail last week and I loved her shirt so much I asked if I could take a picture.  She is such a funny kid.  

There's a song out that I've fallen in love with.  No Matter What by Calum Scott.  I think every parent should listen because it doesn't matter what the secret is, I'll love you no matter what is the right response.  I hope I showed that to Syd.  That's mostly what was modeled to me and I hope I modeled it for her.  


Not watching much news.  But, I did watch the Leslie Stahl interview.  The version the white house released.  Trump is such a big baby.  He thought we'd empathize with the fact she asked him hard questions.  But, I judged him for being unable to answer what I thought were easy questions and then getting all butt hurt because she wouldn't let him off the hook.  Of course, I was not his target or the target audience for 60 Minutes.  My opinion of trump and his supporters couldn't get any worse and I've already voted...along with a record number of my fellow citizens.  Have you ever noticed that a big prelude leads to something big.  

Everybody have a great Monday.  Eight more days until the political robocalls end.  That in itself is worth something.  



Anonymous said...

You didn’t sew or knit? That isn’t like you. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Dot said...

Sometimes, when life is very quiet, I remind myself that if "nothing happened", it also means nothing bad happened.

Looking back to last week's entry, you wrote that " She gets to teach me some things kind of like I taught her...except she's more patient with me...oops!". She learned that patience from you.

Reading your posts is always a pleasure.

Carla said...

Boy you must have been busy. No Sewing or anything.
That hibiscus is beautiful. My daughter has one on her front porch.
Mine never survive. Hope you had a happy halloween.