And everyone enjoyed themselves

I realize how lucky we are that I can say that so often.  We've created a holiday environment where everyone can be relaxed and take what they want from the day and enjoy being together and the good food and the good visit and usually a movie.  

Hey look!  Sydney cut all her hair off!  She cut it off the night before.  We've never seen her with short hair.  I played all disappointed that I didn't get to do it after threatening to so many, many, many, (many) times.  She looks good with short hair.  She doesn't have it to hide behind and I think that's a very good thing.  

It's a good thing we don't eat like that often.  

And, yes.  We used the good dishes and the good silver and it took me two hours to clean up the kitchen after we ate.  And, it was worth every minute.  They left me alone and I took it slow and kept hydrated and powered through it in a very organized way.  Holidays are a marathon, not a sprint.

And, while I cooked, Rob put up the outside Cmas lights, so there's another holiday started.  

On Friday, we started decorating the inside of the house.  We're pros at this.  This is a new tree.  Rob bought it to highlight the LiBien ornaments we've collected.  72 of them.  There's at least one for every year since 1997 with the exception of 2000 and 2020.  (don't do the math...we have a LOT)

And, on Saturday, the swag went up.  That's years and years of collecting red ornaments.

And, on Sunday, the main tree.  And, there is an ornament on dang near every branch.  

My Mom started an ornament collection for each of us kids and gave them to us when we were adults.  The earliest one I can find is 4 years old (1966).  I hung it on the tree first and next to it, an angel that Rob brought into the collection from his life.  

On the family front, I've spoken to my sisters and gotten a feel for how things are going for them and I'm planning a trip home soon to talk about business.  And, to get my own read of the situation.  I've studied and taken notes and written down questions and feel confident that we can work our way through figuring out how we can support my Mom and my Dad through this next chapter.  Thanks for your supportive words last week.  They meant a lot and helped me feel stronger about my ability to help.  

Be well.  It's not a holiday if you're uptight and struggling.  Find a way to relax.  Pick the parts you enjoy and skip the parts that make it feel overwhelming.  If you enjoy it, it won't feel like work at all (he says after doing dishes by hand about 14 times in the last week).  



Dot said...

Your Thanksgiving table looks joyful.

Your blog is filled with problem solving, from quilting to cooking to working with people. Good luck with planning with your sisters for how best to support your parents.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so happy. I love the decorations. Your house looks very festive and comforting. We’ve been waiting for the swag. Thanks for sharing. Mary