Almost finished

My new year's resolution is working out well.  I'm finding ways to spend more time doing nothing and there's definitely less multi-tasking.  I'm enjoying that.  Last week, I took Friday off and spent most of it doing nothing.  The rest I spent adjusting my re-sized shirt pattern.  The new shirt fits well, but I had to make some adjustments as I was making it and I needed to incorporate those into the re-sized pattern.  I ended up pinning the paper pattern pieces together so I could adjust multiple pieces at a time.  It worked out well and I'm looking forward to my next shirt.  

This is the shirt I'm working on.  It looks great, but it's unfinished.  I ordered two sets of buttons and one is delivered, but I wanted to see what the others looked like before I commit.  Now, it looks like the other set may never be delivered so I can move forward with what I have and finish this one up so I can wear it.  

Funny story.  While I was making it, I had to make a pattern adjustment and I chose badly.  I made a cut that caused the hem to be much larger than the shirt, so it hung on me like a maternity garment.  I had to take some hem out, then the side seams part way into the sleeve, recut it and then put it all back together.  I thought it would take forever, but it was only about 1.5 hours and it was so worth it!

My next almost finished project was this quilt.  I've been quilting on it a tiny bit at a time for a while and decided I wanted it finished.  I have a perfect place to hang it.  I got the quilting finished yesterday afternoon and all that's left is the binding.  This was a play project, just for my enjoyment and I have definitely enjoyed it.  I like projects that are just for fun much more than making something that needs to be perfect so it can be seen by other people.  I played with a lot of different quilting designs here and it's not "quilted evenly across the surface".  The quilting matches the mood I was in the day I put it in.  

I took a couple nice photos yesterday morning when it was foggy and wet.  

We took advantage of a sunny break to walk the dogs.  

And, how about one quilt photo from the collection.  This is one of those quilts that was probably a better idea than a quilted project.  It's another quilt I made just for my pleasure.  The batting is wool, so we don't use it on the bed, but that's what it was intended for.  I made it the year we got married as our "wedding quilt" and like so many wedding quilts, it doesn't get used much.  That's okay, tho.  I have a plan to make another version that's more colorful and that we will be able to sleep under.  

Everybody have a great week!  Do something you enjoy just because you enjoy it and don't let what others might think change your mind.



Anonymous said...

You could still pull the quilt out and call it your anniversary quilt . The shirt looks perfect. Very professional. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Hubblebird said...

I love the lime green on the small quilt.

Dot said...

Lovely shirt and quilts. The small quilt in particular says "Joy" to me.

Hoping you and Rob are staying safe in the sounther ice storm.