Busy boys get things done

It was a good week.  I had a doctor's appt last Monday.  I'll get the results today but everything should be fine.  My blood pressure was on its best behavior and now that I rarely eat red meat, my cholesterol should be better.  The next day there was an appreciation lunch at work, so I got to get together with my team.  We had a lot of laughs.  The rest of the week was pretty uneventful at work, which left my mind to roam free and focus on my bigger home projects and what I really thought I could accomplish.  And, then it started to rain and it rained a couple days and we did rain dances.  And, just that quickly, it was autumn here.  It was great and we ended up getting about 2" and highs in the mid 90s, which is a LOT different than 107*F. Everything started to turn green again and now we'll get a small round of flowers.  I'm trying to grow some fall tomatoes and in this cooler weather, they might start to set fruit.  

Moving things back into the garage has had a cascading effect.  There was a lot of stuff tucked around the house that needed to go to the greenhouse and a LOT of stuff in the greenhouse that just needed to be thrown away.  I took down the shade cloth because of the much cooler weather and that made space for a whole shelf of smaller plants and I added the eyes to hang baskets from.  Slowly everything that needs to be in there is getting moved in.  I can't unpack those last boxes until I buy pegboard, and there are so many options that I'm having trouble committing.  

And, then there was suit shopping.  You'd have thought I was buying a bathing suit.  I got very picky and disappointed quickly, but I found a suit.  (Excuse the deck...see below)  I hated it in the dressing room but bought it anyway and if a really dark storm hadn't blown up, we would have kept shopping.  Then, I got it home and tried it on with the right shirt and it's not so bad...I also have a better pair of shoes to go with it...I hate this new trend of making the shoes really important by making the pants so narrow at the hem.  

On Sunday, Rob cleaned the deck while I played in the greenhouse.  You can see how dark it was, but he used a new deck cleaner this year and it's very bright!  It's so clean, I don't even want to put plants on it.  

After all the rain, the rain lilies started to come up and bloom.  They're all over the neighborhood, but those are usually white.  The neighbors gave me these red ones and they are shining bright.  They'll fade soon enough, but for now, I'll enjoy the bright spot.  

Christmas ornament we found in the grocery store.  Had to have it!  Each tool is about 2.5" long.  

Everybody have a great week!  Keep your head up and thinking positive.  The worse things get for trump, the louder his cult is going to scream.  Be encouraged by the screaming.  It means we're doing the right thing.  



Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding the info about trump's supporters and their screaming. It gives me hope/less worrying. Again, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic in your suit. I happened to be in a suit store recently . The salesperson and I had a great conversation about how many times we see that people have not cut off the label on the suit arm or detached the X stitches from the back flap of the suit jacket. Thanks for sharing. Mary

Hubblebird said...

You look very handsome! I dislike the way narrow trouser hems wrinkle at the ankle. Is that a trend too?