Nothing happened

 and I didn't take pictures of it.  

I looked through my camera roll and there was nothing there. A couple of pictures of daylilies you've already seen and a couple of flower bed pics.  Last week was kind of crazy.  

We had the air conditioning serviced and found out we need a part...that's on back order and no idea when it will come in.  Warranties are trying our patience.  Our a/c is working, but it's battling increasing heat outside.  We haven't had too much trouble out of it, but yesterday I made tomato jam and that wasn't a good idea.  It cooks for about 3.5 hours plus water bathing the jars and the humidity built up in the house and for a little while, the whole house got warm.  It's recovered now and I won't be planning any more big cooking events until it's repaired.  

This side of the yard caught my eye yesterday.  It's looking really good.  A good mix of plants that rise and shine, then merge into the background and build up energy for next year.  

I spent as much time outside as I could over the weekend, but the humidity was exhausting.  I did a little weeding and a lot of watering and Rob mowed the lawn.  It was enough.  

We took Syd out on Saturday.  We had lunch and then went to the garden center.  She needed a bag of soil and it's hard to bring a bag of soil home on the bus.  Plus, she couldn't resist a couple of plants (and I couldn't either).  It was good to see her and we had a nice visit.   

I've only gotten a little bit further along on the Ruby McKim flower block.  I forget how much I enjoy appliqué until I'm doing it.  It's so fun to see the shapes form the way I want them to with smooth curves and sharp corners.  I'm a little rusty tho and have had to take out more than a few stitches.  

I am headed to Cleveland tomorrow for what I believe will be my last conference.  Next year, I'll be so close to retirement that I just don't see me doing this stuff anymore.  At least this conference has a more robust agenda than the last couple I've attended.  And hopefully I won't come home with covid this time.  If I do, then I'm done with business travel.  

Rob's truck is in the shop and will likely be there all week so he'll have my car.  When his is out, I need to put mine in.  I don't know whether someone is pushing them in or what, but the back sensors are disappearing into the bumper, one by one.  What a total pain!  

Everybody have a great week!  If you're not having fun then stop what you're doing and do something else.  



My Piece of Earth said...

Garden is looking lovely.
Humidity does me in too.
Good advice about having fun.
Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels, thanks for sharing. Mary