Quilting and wanting...not a happy combination.

I've been quilting like a madman. I finally got that quilt I made in class earlier this year into the machine and have started the quilting. Seems like I'm taking out as much as I'm putting in, but it is coming out really great! Took a lot of Saturday and half of Sunday to get the ditchwork done, but once that was over, I started flying through leaves and flowers. Well, not flying exactly. The needle is not going to the beat of an 80's disco song. More like a lullaby. I was surprised at how out of practice I am. It takes me about an hour to get warmed up to a good slow speed, but this is the quilt I want to compete next year, so I'd rather take it slow and steady and do my best work. I'm drawing all the motifs myself and then transferring them to parchment with a needle and quilting on the dotted lines. I couldn't decide whether to use the gold thread I bought or the brown thread, so I'm doing parts in brown and parts in gold, depending on what it takes to show up on the fabric piece. My seam ripper is getting a heck of a workout as I change my mind about what looks best (and yes, sometimes I pull out the gold thread, put in the brown, pull that out and go back to the gold again). I accidentally quilted a leaf over a leaf and found out I'm going to want to do some echo stitching. Funny how that turned out. At this rate, I should be finished in, oh, somewhere between two weeks and the middle of February.

Saturday, to celebrate the holiday, we went antiquing and I found a hundred year old Singer treadle that's a STEAL in a shop in a small town near here. It is a beauty with all the original gold decaling (and it is covered with it) I tried to buy it, but Rob and Sydney both mutinied and basically dragged me out of the chair I was sitting on and told me I didn't have a place for it. I know I don't have a place for it, but that doesn't mean I don't WANT it...real bad. Did I tell you it's a beauty and a STEAL? I told both of them that if they didn't leave me alone I was going to find a place for it...on their side of the bed, but they were unyielding, even when I pretended to be upset and sulk. For an hour, everything they said to me, I replied with "you don't have room for it". Didn't matter what they said, from food to scenery. you don't have room for it.

Sunday, Rob relented after I showed him exactly where I would have put it and offered to take me back, but the store isn't open on Sunday (small towns, humph). Maybe I can talk him into taking me back this Saturday. I've got my fingers crossed. Yall cross yours too. It won't fit in the car or I wouldn't need him. Rats!

I know I don't have room for it. But, I want it. And, what am I going to sew on after the downfall of society when there's no electricity anymore? Answer me that! See how I went from want it to need it??

Y'all take care and have a great evening. We're all fighting allergies...ragweed, mold, dust, oh my! Lane


Quiltluver said...

I don't know, sounds like someone needed a nap or a timeout or something to go with that wine on Saturday... Hope it works for ya! (you know I'm just kidding, right?)

Vesuviusmama said...

Sometimes you have to indulge yourself, right? I hope you get it!

Coloradolady said...

Lane, we are or at least I am fighting allergies too, I think ragweed, it is so bad here this time of year as you well know...now, If Rob won't take you, I will...Austin is not that far from Ft. Worth, and we can get that machine in my truck!! LOL. I am crossing fingers for you!!

Becky said...

Oh yeah.....go back and get it. I totally agree with the no electricity scenario!! Works for me! :)