six is twelve, or twelve is six

I got my patterns out of order and I didn't check the number. I ended up making the block on top of the pile, thinking it was 6. Then, yesterday, when I finished it and went for the next block, I found block 6 and thought, "Oh, Crud. I've only done 5 of these. I'm never going to finish."

The one I finished yesterday was the grapes. With 69 planned applique pieces, I can see why they planned it to be the final block. Nobody would want to do more if they did this one first.

I had to add two extra grapes to cover a couple of holes. I was being really careful to place them right, but there were just a couple of spots that needed more...purple. Okay, you are not going to hear me say that often. Few things need more purple when you have a 13 year old that is obsessed with the color.

I'm really loving this applique. It's the Simply Delicious quilt from Piece o' Cake Designs (Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins). I'm reallly loving it. The grapes make 6 blocks finished. I just started this year, so I'm pretty happy about that.

I won't finish this year, but maybe next. I already have the backing fabric folded up in the box with the rest of the patterns. And, last night, I got everything ready for the next block, Perfect Pomegranate.

Other than that, we didn't do too much over the weekend. By yesterday, I was pretty much ready for some Lane time and so I took it. It was heaven. I got everything ready to pin baste this year's cmas quilt and I nearly finished quilting the October Linus quilt. I got the grapes block finished and the next one started. And, I did a bit of cleaning around the sewing room. That's the drawback to being a whirling dervish. At some point, I have to slow down enough to clean up the mess.

Hope you're having a great Monday. Lane


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

These blocks are just gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Lane, those blocks are amazing! I love needle-turn appliqué. It is definitely a long-term project, though. The fabrics in this quilt are really great. I love the colors. That is going to be such a pretty quilt when you've finished.

xo -E

PattiLynn said...

Beautiful work on the Simply Delicious blocks! I love them all!

I voted for your West of Paris, Texas quilt. Such a talented group of quilters that entered...ALL are winners in their own category. But ya know, Lane, you're my favorite quilter...and blogger. :-)

~ PattiLynn

qltmom9 said...

Your fabrics are FUN! I really want to do that too. I already have one of their whimsy flower appliques going.


Judy said...

I think this quilt is so fun. It is enjoyable to see your progress with it. You are doing a wonderful job.

Glenn Dragone said...

great applique work!!

Becky said...

Now Lane, is there really EVER enough purple!!!!! :) I'm with Sydney....I love purple! These applique blocks are fabulous....the grapes would have put me under for sure.... Hope your week is stress free and enjoyable for you! Love ya!

lw said...

The grape block is gorgeous! Good work! This quilt will be really beautiful finished. How are you planning to quilt it?

Laura said...

Your applique fruit is beautiful! Great work!