The suspense is over! The winners are announced.

Yes, the winners have been announced. Congratulations guys! At least two of the winners are followers of mine. If you get a chance, head out and give them a big congratulations shout.

We've had such a busy weekend. Friday night about 8, Sydney's best friend's Mom called and asked if we could take M for the weekend. Sure. She's not a bit of a problem. They had choir practice all day yesterday, which is why M couldn't go to Dallas with the family for a surprise birthday celebration for a Grandma.

M is a delight. We tried to get them to take ours and just leave theirs here this afternoon, but they weren't having anything to do with it. We went for Thai food and they played and spent hours doing their nails. Rob and I puttered in the yard and around the house. My kitchen was in a deplorable state and I spent half the day scrubbing cabinet doors and tile countertops.

And, I've been quilting. You know me. Gotta have quilting.

Everybody take care and have a great last few hours of your Sunday. Back to work tomorrow. Lane


Sequana said...

Surely you could tell us which quilt was yours. :)

I tried to figure it out, but who knows?

Lots of good quilts in there, weren't there? And I loved all your info you added as the contest moved along.

lw said...

I wonder how the contest would have gone if we could have seen the quilts in person?

I love that there are enough men quilt bloggers to even have this contest.

Elizabeth said...

In my book, your quilt was one of the top four. Only one quilt I thought deserved a prize got it. I guess it is all in who you can bribe to vote for you, because West of Paris, Texas is a truly amazing quilt. Keep quilting and keep entering competitions.

xo -E

Coloradolady said...

Well, all I can say is....well.....better not!

Lane, I have typed several messages here to you, and well, frankly had to delete them all. I will say, you are an AMAZING TALENT and well....you know the rest!!!


Sequana said...

West of Paris Texas was the one I voted for! I'm so glad to find out I figured it right.